How to Play Scratch cards Online at a Casino 


Gambling in the 21st century has hit levels that we’re pretty sure nobody could have ever anticipated back in the 20th century, especially not before the discovery of how RNGs (Random Number Generators) could transform things like slot machines. You see, without RNGs the whole concept of no deposit free spins casino online simply would not work, however nowadays developers have even been able to recreate scratch cards for online play.

Can you believe that? Scratch cards are definitely some of the most quintessential cheap and cheerful gambling amusements, with millions and millions being sold over the years, mainly in supermarkets and off licences. But here’s the thing: did you know that scratch cards can now even be played online at a casino? Modern technology simply knows no bounds! Keep reading for a lowdown on how to play scratch cards online at a casino… 

The fascinating history behind scratch cards 

Over the last several decades scratch cards have been available in countless shops and supermarkets, becoming an extremely easy commodity to get hold of. Due to their widespread nature, it is easy to forget how pioneering scratch cards actually were when they were invented in the 1970s. Indeed, it wasn’t the simplest thing in the world to design the famous grey rubber people had to scratch off… 

It all began with two particularly inventive chaps called John Koza and Daniel Bower, who teamed up in order to design the world’s first scratch card. In 1974 they formed a company called Scientific Games Corporation, and by the 1980s scratch cards were being sold in most supermarkets and small grocery stores. 

21st century online casino scratch cards: How do they work? 

As seems to be the case with a lot of gambling games in the 21st century, scratch cards have also been designed to work on the online casino platform, further satisfying the public desire for scratch cards of many different shapes and sizes. But how do they work? Stay tuned for a simply step-by-step guide on how to play online casino scratch cards: 

  1.     Choose an online casino: Before choosing a scratch card you will first need to find an online casino site to play on. Make sure it is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission before depositing.
  2.     Find an online scratch card: There are many varieties of online scratch card up for grabs these days, so choose one that seems appealing to you.
  3.     Load up the online scratch card: Wait for the online scratch card to load up, and then click on the squares in order to uncover any prizes.

Is it worth playing scratch cards online at a casino? 

One big question when it comes to online scratch cards is whether or not they are worth playing at a casino, so let’s try to answer that here. As with all online casino games, you have to consider the house edge, and that you will, in all probability, lose more than you will win. This isn’t a reason not to play scratch cards online though, as there are still ample opportunities to win big!

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