Mega Moolah Slots Games Saga 

Slots Games Saga 

Mega Moolah is an incredibly well respected slots game saga, it is a long running series and has managed to spawn some successful sequels – check out


The first Mega Moolah slot may be an older release but that hasn’t stopped players from falling in love with the slot! This slot is most famous for the absolutely massive wins that it offers players. In 2020, by August there had already been five winners of the Mega Moolah jackpot, with three of these winners receiving over ten million Euros! The winner in August received a whooping €14.6 million. Today, it can be hard to appreciate just how innovative the original Mega Moolah slot was upon its release. While it may seem like a simple slot game, it was innovative in offering players the chance to compete for a stand alone jackpot. Combined with the sheer playability of the slot, Mega Moolah soon became an everlasting hit! 

Original Mega Moolah Slot 

The original Mega Moolah slot was one of the most influential slot releases ever. Newer players may find it difficult to truly understand how influential this slot was, it may have a safari theme with slightly outdated graphics but this slot is still one of the most popular games out there! 

  1. Safari theme features several animals that are instantly recognisable such as lions and tigers. While the graphics were fair during its day the fact is newer players will regard them as slightly outdated.
  2. Cash prizes up to 75,000 coins in the base game, however this amount is increased massively in the free spins bonus game. It becomes a staggering 225,000 coins.
  3. Four different progressive jackpots, each of different sizes which will suit different players. Mini and minor jackpots are meant for players with a smaller bankroll, these jackpots only award smaller prizes worth hundreds of pounds.
  4. The mega and major jackpots offer a much higher win potential. The major jackpot is usually worth around £10,000 but it is the mega jackpot which is truly eye watering. It is worth a minimum of £1,000,000! 

Subsequent Releases 

Mega Moolah slots have continued to be released, there are several different variations for players to choose from. 

Mega Moolah Summertime is the perfect slot for the warmer months of the year. This slot has a bright and welcoming design which creates a new look whilst still managing to offer the same, great gameplay that the original Mega Moolah has.

Mega Moolah Dark Knight is a slot based on the hit film released back in 2008. Although Microgaming stopped creating film tie-in Mega Moolah slots, Mega Moolah Dark Knight remains memorable thanks to a lucky player managing to win over five million pounds from it back in 2012. 


The first Mega Moolah is certainly an older release however it is still one of the most popular progressive jackpot slots out there today. The series has spawned successful sequels such as Mega Moolah Dark Knight and Mega Moolah Summertime.

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