Which time is the best to switch to a cheap dedicated server?

cheap dedicated server

Bloggers do not leave not even a single opportunity to release their new blog as a single opportunity missed and their following can hamper to a great level. To stay relevant in the blogging game they have to very consistent as there is no track of unfollowing that can happen in a single day. You must visit AccuWeb Hosting, which provides a Best-in-class Affordable, Secure, and Scalable Hosting service. In addition, it provides 24/7/365 Customer support.

Each and every time a blogger posts a blog, counting on the number of likes, comments, and increase in the number of following starts then and there. You have to ace at your content quality but there are some other factors too that will help you to become more popular as a blogger. With each new blog, you as a blogger try out new things along with your blog to attract new visitors every time. Uploading amazing pictures and videos aside the blog brings in more pressure on your server. When you will keep on posting such heavy-duty blogs it would become impossible to host it on a shared or a VPS host. This is because of the limitation of space and thus you will be needing to upgrade soon.

It will not be only you but your visitors will also start to experience the lag in your blogging quality. This will lead to overall performance degradation. You should have realized this so much before that a shared hosting plan will not help you anymore. It is the best time to upgrade to the cheapest dedicated server hosting plan or it would be too late.

Cheapest dedicated server is your next host

There is never a bad time to migrate to a dedicated server that is not much expensive when compared to your last shared server. But before choosing for the dedicated server, there are some specifications you need to clear with. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself-

–         How many CPU cores?

–         How much RAM?

–         How much storage or disk space?

Although resource allocation is very essential there are other aspects too. Taking a look into it will be of no harm so let’s go through them-

A dedicated server is all you need sometimes to give an edge to your blogging career. Your blogging quality will be transformed to a whole new level and will deliver a great blogging experience to your viewers.

A new dedicated server can be considered as an empty server on which your whole blogging website will be hosted and all its resources will work for your website only. You can put whatever you want it on it and they will match their specifications according to it.

When your website will be hosted on a dedicated server, you will observe so many contrasting features that were not available in your last shared server. Even the cheapest dedicated server will render you with such amazing features and services that you will cherish forever.

When your website was on a shared server there was little or no control over the resources as well as on the server environment. But there is no question on the controlling part once you have signed up for a dedicated server. You just have to start by choosing hardware and soon after that, you get 100% control over the software that has been installed on the server.

The factors for which you should select a cheap dedicated server

–         Cost– You would find a shared host or a VPS host a better option in terms of cost. But a low-end cheap dedicated server will be a cost-efficient choice for the long run. When you will get each resource covered in your hosting plan then you would not need to wander anywhere in search of any external source. Hence, a dedicated server hosting plan seems very realistic and offers quality service.

–         Operating systems– Though some of the shared servers might present multiple OS options they are also limited in front of what a dedicated server can offer. Most of the shared servers are designed for Windows distribution but Windows costs higher than Linux distribution. With a dedicated server, one is able to use a remote desktop to access their server. One can also alter their control panel options as per their convenience.

–         Security – Once your website is being hosted on a dedicated server, security is something you need to worry about the least. You need not worry about the overconsumption of the resources by your neighbors. As on a shared server, there were chances of DDoS attacks that can greatly hamper your blogging website. This happens as the neighboring websites start to intrude into your domain in search of extra resources. But in a dedicated server, there is not even a single threat to the security of your website and your blogs stay completely safe in the hosting provider’s hands.

–         Technical support– A foolish person will only assume that no technical errors would occur, once a blogging website gets hosted on any of the hosting plans. Technical glitches are very natural to happen and can’t be completely ignored and thus every hosting provider should have excellent technical support. A shared server will promise you with good customer service but at the time of need, you won’t receive a quick solution. This is because there are so many companies that are hosted over a single server and attending to each and everyone’s problem at a time is near to impossible. This problem does not exist in a dedicated server. As their whole customer service team will be dedicated to handle only your problems.

There are other reasons as well to back our point but these are also enough to make you understand that a dedicated server is the best you can ask for your blogging website. Don’t get intimidated by the low pricing plans or any other perks offered by a shared hosting plan as your website needs the magical care of a dedicated server. You will start finding your blog catching the attention of the new viewers very soon and then you can think of scaling up with your dedicated server.

Author Bio: Rachael is a content writer at serpwizz.com, who has written on a Ultimate Resume Guide, from colored diamonds to SEO Audit software. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, sketching, cooking, and video games.
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