Can Kior’s Laser Hair Removal Device Be Used At Home?


People familiar with hair removal methods might have come across the Kior at-home hair removal device, which promises the permanent removal of unwanted hair. If you want to know why Kior has been designated as the #1 at home laser hair removal device; you have landed on the right page.

Although users seem to be in love with the product, we’re going to share the honest review based on our personal experience.

Can Kior Hair Removal Device Be Used At Home?

Kior is a permanent handheld hair removal device that can remove unwanted body hair permanently. The machine is a compact-sized device with easy manual operation and travel-friendly features.

The Kior handheld device utilizes laser technology to remove hair from its roots permanently. The laser technology used by Kior is similar to the hair removal procedure at a dermatologist’s clinic.

The hair removal process by the Kior machine requires several sessions, just like at the clinic. The laser technology interacts with the melanin in the hair and eradicates them using the pigment.

Therefore, if you have more melanin in your skin, i.e., deep skin tone, then the hair removal treatment may require more sessions than those with less melanin pigment and pale skin tone.

However, the aspect that makes this handheld Kior device the #1 at home laser hair removal device truly remarkable is that it is utterly perfect for teenagers and people with sensitive skin types.

The best part?

You can easily use it at home without any professional help!

Why is Kior the #1 At Home Laser Hair Removal Device?

Over the years, Kior has established itself as the #1 at home laser hair removal device. The credit of its success owes to several benefits that this hair removal device has. The following is a brief description of the advantages of the Kior at home laser hair removal device:

  • Kior is an at-home permanent removal solution to unwanted body hair. You no longer have to book advance appointment sessions at the salon or skin clinic to get the treatment done. You can get your hair removed aptly at home within minutes using this machine;
  • Unlike most at-home hair removal machines and epilator devices, this one is a permanent hair removal machine with safe and long-lasting effects;
  • The Kior at home hair removal device is safe for teenagers and people with particular skin conditions. People with sensitive skin types usually not recommended for permanent hair removal sessions can also use this device;
  • The Kior laser hair removal device is a one-time investment product. You don’t have to pay for each hair removal session like you do at a dermatologist’s clinic. Instead, buy it one time and use it for years;
  • Moreover, you can even share the product with your friends and family; and split the cost accordingly. By doing so, the expenditure will be further reduced;
  • The size of the device is utterly compact and portable. This means that you can travel with it easily.

Summing It Up!

Kior is undoubtedly the #1 at home laser hair removal device because it is not only a safe and inexpensive method of hair removal at home, but also a permanent treatment of unwanted hair. The device saves you from expensive sessions at a dermatologist’s clinic and painful hair removal methods.

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