Forex Fury Review: Automate Your Trading for Better Returns


Forex EAs are quite popular in Forex trading. Many beginner and expert traders use it to ace their trades and earn good profit chunks. Forex EA is not a money-making tool. It won’t inflate your live trading account with money overnight. What it will do is make trading easier for you. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using a Forex EA:

Top 4 Benefits of Using a Forex Expert Advisor

  1. It can trade for 24 hours. There’s no need for you to stay connected to your devices and abandon everything else.
  • Emotions and feelings are not nice for Forex trading. Emotions like anger, greed, or fear in forex trading can land you in hot waters. However, having a Forex EA eradicates all the emotions while trading.
  • A Forex EA executes trades instantly according to the set parameters. If there is a price movement, it will open or close the transactions as per the set instructions. That way, you won’t waste time digesting the information and thinking of the best possible action course for it.
  • Forex EAs make backtesting a no-brainer. You can test your strategy on past data before executing it in your live account.

If you also want to make your Forex trading easier and quicker, a good Forex EA can greatly help. There are many Forex EAs in the market to choose from. However, choosing the wrong and incompetent Forex EA can risk your capital.

One of the best Forex EAs to consider investing in is Forex Fury.

Today’s post will walk you through the remarkable features of Forex Fury. It will explore its latest version, price plans, and customer testimonials. So, let’s start by introducing Forex Fury:

What is Forex Fury?

Forex Fury is an advanced and powerful Forex EA. It is created by Rypax Inc, the creator of other popular Forex products.

According to the developers’ team, Forex Fury’s win rate is 93%. The developers have proven SET files and 15-year backtesting data to support their claims.

Let’s move on and take a look at the top features of Forex Fury:

Main Features of Forex Fury

1.    Works on All Popular Trading Platforms

Forex Fury is compatible with a variety of trading platforms, including MetaTrader4 and 5. You don’t have to endure the hassle of shifting to a new trading platform.

The next remarkable feature of Forex Fury is:

2.    Easy to Install and Use

Downloading and running Forex Fury EA is a no-brainer. You do not need any prior coding or programming knowledge to install the EA.

The customer team sends the installation instructions and a video to help traders easily install the EA.

Forex Fury is also very simple to use. Whether it’s a beginner trader or a seasoned one, both can easily use it according to their requirements.

Moving on to the third feature of Forex Fury:

3.    Advanced Money Management System

Forex Fury has a built-in foolproof money management system. It helps protect traders’ capital in unfavorable market conditions.

Up next, the 4th feature of Forex Fury is:

4.    Multiple Filters

Understanding price movement and analyzing the market is essential to ace Forex trading. That’s why Forex Fury provides traders with a wide variety of filters. The traders can apply filters to gauge the market condition and price movements before devising a robust strategy.

The last remarkable feature of Forex Fury is its outstanding and prompt customer service. Let’s discuss it more.

5.    Fantastic Customer Service

Forex Fury provides exceptional customer service to its customers. It guides the trader about the product, answers customers’ questions, and is quick to solve any problem the customer faces with the product.

These top features of Forex Fury distinguish it from plenty of other EAs in the market. Furthermore, Forex Fury strives to include more useful features and advanced tools for traders. The changing Forex EA requires better and smarter features for successful trades.

Forex Fury’s rolled out its latest version, BETA V5, in 2022. Let’s take a look at the newly added features of this version.

Forex Fury’s BETA V5 Version 2022

The latest version includes all the previous features and some newly added powerful tools. Some of the newly added features in the BETA V5 version include:

1.    Money Management System

The latest 2022 version of Forex Fury includes a failsafe Money Management system. This feature enables the trader to maintain steady performance and grow his trading account. Furthermore, Forex Fury’s Money management system reduces risks and shields traders’ capital in the unfavorable market environment.

Another remarkable feature in the latest version is:

2.    Fierce Martingale Strategy

Martingale’s strategy is a safe haven for traders in a risky market environment. Forex Fury’s latest version includes an aggressive martingale strategy to protect traders from losing their capital.

Moving on to the 3rd new feature:

3.    News and Trend Filters

Fundamental and technical analysis is important for Forex traders. That’s why Forex Fury’s BETA version has included advanced news filters.

Important economic, social, and political news affects the Forex market. Forex traders must stay updated with all the latest news. Thus, the BETA V5 version has an advanced news filter. The trader can easily keep up with the latest news that hits the market and formulate his trading strategy accordingly.

Technical analysis is also another important pillar of Forex analysis. A trader needs to conduct a thorough technical analysis to gauge the market and forecast the price direction. Forex Fury’s advanced trend filters are of great help to traders in understanding market trends.

Forex Fury Settings

Forex Fury is one of the easiest Forex EAs to set up and run. The installation process takes hardly 10 minutes. Moreover, the user can easily tweak its settings according to his needs.

Forex Fury is equipped to suit the needs of both beginner and advanced traders.

Forex Fury LIVE Trading Results on MyFXBook

According to developers, the win rate of Forex Fury is 93%. The developers have 15-year backtesting data to support their claims. Take a look at the trading results of Forex Fury on MyFXBook.

Forex Fury Recent Client Testimonials

Reading reviews before purchasing a product and leaving a review after using it is common these days.

Reading reviews and testimonials by real customers provides an insight into the product’s quality and performance. It also shows how far the company lives up to its claims.

The following reviews are shared by real traders on

Forex Fury Price Plans

Forex Fury is reasonably priced and provides 2 price plans for traders.

The first plan in the Gold package. This package is available for $229.99 and provides a license to one live trading account. Beginner traders prefer the gold package.

The second price plan is the Diamond package. This package costs $439.99 and provides a license to 2 live trading accounts.

Both the packages allow unlimited demo accounts, lifetime customer service, and free membership.

The best part about both their price plans is that the customer must pay once. No monthly fees, membership costs, or hidden charges.

Is Forex Fury Profitable for Traders?

A Forex EA cannot explode a trader’s account with profit overnight. However, it can effectively help you understand and analyze the market.

Forex Fury’s advanced features, tools, and options are great for helping traders devise a strong strategy. Moreover, Forex Fury’s powerful settings can pull out traders from unfavorable trades and save their capital. See this Forex Trading EA in action:

Why is Forex Fury the Best?

Forex Fury’s powerful features, excellent winning record, price plans, and fantastic customer service makes it one of the best Forex EAs for traders who want to ace Forex trading.

Final Thoughts on Forex Fury

Selecting a Forex EA to ease your stress and make trading easier is a daunting task. There are plenty of Forex EAs available on the internet. However, ensure to choose the best Forex EA for your trading account.

If you are planning to purchase Forex Fury, visit its website and gather as much information as possible.

Good luck with finding the best and most advanced Forex EA.

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