Where to cast the best French voice-over


This question is vital to many business owners, producers, animators, and anyone involved in audio-visual content. This article provides a comprehensive answer to the question and shows why genuine talent is essential for native speakers to understand your product entirely.

When Do You Need a French Voice-Over?

Audio localization is handy when you want your audience to understand and engage with your product. Below are the most common situations where you cannot do without genuine native French talent for voice-over.

When creating a product presentation for foreign investors.

If your goal is to take your product to the French market, you should present your product in the language of prospective investors. By speaking to potential partners in their native language, you show them your respect and allow them to understand all information fully – this is essential to selling your product.

For audio announcements and events.

Audio reports at train stations, airports, subways, museums, festivals, and ports will help tourists. Not everyone understands a foreign language by ear, knows how to translate inscriptions, and can ask someone else for help. Offering announcements in multiple languages will benefit those at an event or for public service announcements.

When creating audiobooks, short films, or cartoons.

First, it is helpful for creative people, film companies, and book publishers.  Localization of the voice-over will help the productions find new fans, viewers, and listeners in France and French-speaking areas like Canada.

Translating training videos.

To share your knowledge with French people, you must adapt your training videos for your foreign audience. Moreover, video content has continued to gain in popularity. This is because many prefer watching and listening to reading. And French narrators can make the video available to all speakers of their native language.

Translating a commercial.

If your business could be aimed at French customers, it’s time to start advertising your product in France. This means voicing it with the best French voice-over services to create a high-quality product capable of compelling a new audience.

To record an answering machine.

If you already have French clients, you should take care of their convenience. For example, if they call you for technical support, you must localize the answering machine and IVR scripts to their native language. This provides exceptional customer service.

Where to Find the Best French Voice-Over

Voquent is a professional voice-over platform that can provide services for various mediums and industries. Why should you cast French voiceover with Voquent?

o   Quick Casting: The site uses a helpful filter system so you can search for a specific tone or vocal characteristic and listen to demos that have what you’re looking for.

o   Over 1,700 global accents and dialects to choose from.

o   Audio engineers professionally check home studios, guaranteeing quality sound.

o   Choose voices in any language, from any region, with any set of vocal characteristics.

o   Professional project management.


Choosing the best French voice-over at Voquent with the most appropriate tones & characteristics will make your advertising effective and memorable. In addition, due to genuine talent, French impressions will be accurate, which can positively affect your product advertising and business in the eyes of your new French audience, clients, and viewers.

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