The Benefits of Implementing a Portfolio Monitoring Solution for Your Business

Portfolio Monitoring Solution
Portfolio Monitoring Solution

Corporate entities have many projects, investments, and initiatives to manage. An enterprise might face severe challenges if the portfolio is not managed efficiently. Portfolio management is more essential than ever for investment entities like private equity and venture capital firms. These entities have several investments to manage. If they do not track the performance of portfolio companies, things could go haywire. Performance metrics can be known in real-time with a portfolio monitoring solution. If projects and investments aren’t going in the right direction, portfolio management can help to learn about the same. 

Read on to understand the advantages of implementing a portfolio management solution for your enterprise.

Are you familiar with a portfolio management system/solution?

It is a software system responsible for bringing all your portfolio companies into one place. One can have a unified view of investments with a portfolio management solution. Managers and data analysts will have more clarity when they look at the initiatives as a whole. A portfolio management solution can generate metrics or KPIs at regular intervals. These KPIs denote the performance of portfolio companies. It depends on the organization what KPIs they choose for tracking the performance of initiatives. A KPI could denote financial performance or hint at administrative progress.

portfolio monitoring system also has the powers of a business information system. It can be used as a repository for data related to portfolio companies. From the manager to an entry-level employee, anyone could track the KPIs in real-time. Executives can look at the company’s initiatives anytime and make decisions accordingly. It can be great for a private equity or capital venture firm looking to monitor all the investments.

Benefits of installing a portfolio management system

What are you expecting out of a portfolio management system? Have you analyzed the organizational requirements before installing a software system for portfolio management? You must choose a reliable portfolio management solution that suits your organization’s needs. 

Here are some benefits of deploying a solution for portfolio management for your enterprise:

A single source of truth for everyone in the organization

Data is often scattered within the organization in databases, applications, and warehouses. Data silos within the organization are the biggest hurdle for portfolio management. Let us say a manager wants to know the performance of any particular portfolio company. First, the manager will identify which employees are assigned to the particular project. Then, the assigned employees will convey the portfolio company’s performance to the manager.

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With a digital solution, the manager can track all projects at once. It can know which employees are assigned to any particular project. There is no need to meet the employee physically to know the performance of any particular project. All details regarding the project will be shown by the software system, from financial performance to sustainability. A portfolio monitoring system also stores project relationships, leading to granular-level insights.

Alignment of investment strategy across the organization

Managers can assign goals across teams with a portfolio management solution. It will also ensure that the organization’s investment strategy is implemented across different projects. Let us say a venture capital firm only invests in sustainable start-ups. It is the sole investment strategy of the firm. In such a case, the firm can monitor the sustainability of all portfolio companies in real time. A portfolio management solution will also aid in decision-making with its high-end insights.

Risk mitigation

The greater the number of portfolio companies, the greater the risk. Risk can be anything, from degrading financial performance to inconsistency across the portfolio. When the performance of initiatives is tracked regularly, there are fewer chances of blunders. Be it degrading financial performance or sustainability; any risk will be identified ahead of time. Venture capital and private equity firms will have time to rethink their decisions. If the financial performance of a portfolio company is deteriorating, the firm can pull out of the project before a major loss.


By Implementing a portfolio monitoring solution, an organization can slash costs significantly. The project success rate will increase, and you don’t have to spend extra funds. When all initiatives are monitored regularly, the chances of a loss decrease. A private equity or venture capital firm can do well even with few employees. You don’t have to assign multiple employees to monitor the same project. The portfolio management system will generate KPIs to track performance automatically.

In a nutshell

Considering the increased volatility in the market, portfolio management is a must for firms. Firms should know the risks associated with investments beforehand to prevent them. It cannot happen without the KPIs, and metrics generated by portfolio management solutions. You will have clarity when looking at the investments as a whole. Time to install a portfolio management solution for increased efficiency right away! 

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