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Social media has been a fruitful platform for young people to express themselves while making loads of money. Amongst it, Youtube is the most common tool to kick off this new and tempting journey.

There is plenty of content you can choose to start a Youtube channel. It can be anything in your life, from lifestyle, beauty, to tutorial, cooking, etc. Gaming is one of the hottest content, favored by youngsters, on Youtube these days. To really level up your gaming channel, you will need to follow some tips and helpful support from an online video maker (visit this website).

Choose The Video Content Smartly

There’s a lot of things you should think about when picking a topic for your video. If you want to attract more new subscribers, you should input an untapped keyword. There are tons of videos on Youtube, about 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute worldwide. Therefore, you finding the correct keyword for your video will help it rocket to the searching list. Try using some online tools to get the list of keywords relating to your channel.

Quantity makes quality! To stay in the game, you should produce content constantly. That’s just how Youtube’s algorithm works. Thus, by producing more videos about the topic you’ve picked, you will increase your chance to get to the top. Just keep it short and sweet, less than 5 minutes long is enough for a good video.

If you don’t know which topic would work for your first video, try posting different content using the same keyword. You could test with streaming, stating the fun facts, doing tutorials, etc. Then, take a look to find out which style attracts your viewers the most and go with it.

Don’t Forget To Engage With Your Viewers!

In general, a gaming channel requires many interactions. To lengthen viewers’ watch time, you should reach out through the comment section, or create a topic for people to discuss. Youtube will favor a video with good engagement. So next time, don’t forget to include a call-to-action message in your videos and try to respond to all comments.

Invest In Your Videos’ Visual With An Online Video Maker

Getting to the top of the search list by choosing the right keyword cannot make sure that your video will get a higher view. But good video content combined with an eye-catching visual can pull the trick! With the help of online video maker tools, you are opened to unlimited cool templates for your gaming videos.

As a matter of fact, most gamers enjoy great-looking graphics. A game with good-looking graphics would attract more people. That rule also applies to gaming channels. Therefore, to make your gaming channel look more professional, you should have a nicely designed avatar and banner.

In addition, customizing your thumbnail will really help to level up your video because it has a higher click-through rate. YouTube reports that “90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails.” An online video with a catchy title and visually attractive thumbnail will be ranked higher, compared to videos with the same content. Ideal photos for your thumbnail should contain clear texts, highlight areas, some graphics, and catchy images. Using an online video maker to make videos could assist you in designing the perfect thumbnail for your gaming videos.

Create Videos With An Online Video Maker To Improve Watch Time

It was said by Youtube Creator Academy that: “Channels and videos with higher watch times are likely to show up higher in search results and recommendations.” The longer the viewers stay on Youtube, the more money they make from ads. Therefore, to enhance your gaming videos’ performance, you should adjust your videos to meet this standard.

Creating nice intros and outros could also be a game-changer. Intros and outros are where you can show your unique personality. Intros play a decisional role in catching viewers’ attention. Within the first 15 seconds of an online video, the viewer will decide whether they will continue watching it or not. A short clip showing your channel’s name and video’s title, add a fun animation, and matching music will make a remarkable intro.

Outros can be a 10-second video added at the end with links to your other videos, on the background of a catchy tune. By adding links to other videos of your channel, you can keep your viewers to stay on your channel much longer.

Promote Your Gaming Channel On Other Social Media Platforms

It is very important to promote yourself on different platforms. Consider your Youtube channel as a brand, you will need to make it appear everywhere as much as possible. A social media platform is a great tool for marketing your channel. Make use of other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to connect to more people. To do so, you have to create various content other than videos, such as photos or Instagram stories. This helps you to keep in touch with your fans, as well as reach out to new viewers.

Parting Words

Those are the top tips we are suggesting to get started and level up your gaming channel. Youtube is not an easy game, but an online video maker will make it less hard. By following our tips to make videos for your channel, it is no doubt that your gaming channel will grow like blazes very soon.

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