Know how to install angular in ubuntu

install angular in ubuntu

Before learning how to install angular in ubuntu let’s understand the basics. The Angular system is a TypeScript-based open-source front-end web app development framework led by Google’s Angular Team and a community of enterprises and people. Angular is a Javascript framework for building front-end applications that follow the MVC architecture. It was established by Google in 2009 and is growing in popularity. We will be able to accelerate the work from the front end by utilising a lot of Javascript functions that are well arranged due to Angular.

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What are the things required to install angular in ubuntu?

Ensure you have the following elements before you begin to install angular in ubuntu:

Installation privileges for a user account

Accessibility to all of the websites mentioned in this article is unrestricted.

On your device, you have the most recent versions of Node JS and node package manager installed.

For Ubuntu users:

Ubuntu 16.04 version.


A total of 10 GB of free space is required to install angular in ubuntu.

Node.js is a cross-platform, open-source JavaScript run-time framework that allows you to run JavaScript code outside of a browser. Node.js allows developers to create a variety of applications using JavaScript, including network apps, command-line tools, web APIs, and web apps. Nodejs is required for dev tooling (such as a local webserver with live reloading capabilities) and dev experience, but it is not required to run respond in productions. If you want to know more about Web scraping API just click on this.

Npm refers to the node package manager, and it is a javascript dependency management tool. This programme will assist you in installing the necessary frameworks and other tools for angular development.

How do you install angular in ubuntu?

In order to install Angular in Ubuntu, users must first set up a node server and then install the npm package. We’ll start by installing the node. To do so, users ought to add the node’s PPA file to our Ubuntu package archive. A curl programme is required to add the PPA file. Whenever you try to install an Angular or Ionic package globally, you can get an access error. This means you don’t have access to write to the npm folders where global packages and commands are stored. We’ll have to use sudo all the time for the Ionic and Angular applications unless users resolve the npm authorization.

The installation procedure is very similar to that of macOS, and it starts with the Node package manager being started.

Start the Node Package Manager and run the following install command: npm install -g @angular/cli

Run the command to test the Angular app you just installed: ng version

You have successfully installed the app if the output shows the right version of the programme.

Why Node. JS is used for Angular?

Although Angular is a client-side JS framework, it is not centred on Node.js, a server-side platform for building web apps. However, you will frequently need to set up Node.js in your Angular development platform since Angular CLI, the official tool for producing and operating with Angular projects is created on Node.

Node.js is essential for Angular development, but it isn’t required in operation after you’ve built your Angular project, which will generate plain JavaScript files that can be run in a browser. Recent frameworks and modules, including Angular, React, and Vue, all include a CLI, or Command-Line Interface, which makes it easy for users to construct projects that can be served locally without a lot of setting or dealing with complicated construction utilities like Webpack.

Do you know what is Angular CLI?

The official command-line interface tool for Angular development, Angular CLI, is used to create, build, scaffold, and manage Angular applications. As it’s built on top of Node.js, you can get it through NPM using the following command once you’ve installed Node.js.

Interesting things to know about Ubuntu

  • The world’s fastest processor runs on the Chinese version of Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu is the most popular operating system for most Web servers.
  • In Google’s self-driving car, a stripped-down version of Ubuntu is used.
  • Ubuntu is used by many large companies, namely Uber and Lyft.
  • Ubuntu’s official emblem, dubbed “Circle of Friends,” serves as its symbol. It stands for dependability, freedom, precision, and teamwork.
  • When we search for the internet in Ubuntu, all of the various internet browsers are displayed.
  • Ubuntu has currently installed on over a billion devices.
  • Google’s Ubuntu is known as “Goobuntu.”
  • Ubuntu adheres to a rigorous and demanding development schedule. Every six months, in April and October, a new stable version is issued.

How to install Angular CLI in Ubuntu?

Start a terminal window and type the following code to install the Angular CLI on your machine: npm install -g @angular/cli

The -g indicates that CLI is deployed globally on your system, allowing you to create and launch any CLI command from any location on your system. CLI will be installed on the device when you perform the preceding programme, and you can verify the version installed with the following command: ng -v

If you’d like to install a certain version of Angular CLI, type the command npm install -g @angular/[email protected] version number is represented by the letter ‘x’. Any valid version number can be substituted.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions

Some of the frequently asked questions in related to how to install angular in ubuntu are:

How can I start an Angular project in Ubuntu?

Run the following command in a terminal npm install -g @angular/cliOn, the result should look like this after a successful installation (note that your angular/cli version may have changed by the moment you perform this install command).

Can I install Angular CLI locally?

Yes, you can have a local and global edition of angular cli on your system, as several of the responses indicate. This solved my problem of being able to run the local package instead of the global version on a build server when running the global version was not a choice.

Is Angular CLI needed?

Angular cli is suggested for constructing angular apps because it eliminates the need to spend some time configuring all of the essential components as well as wiring things together. The Angular CLI can be used for a lot more than just making Angular projects.

Is Angular better than AngularJS?

Due to a massive far superior data binding mechanism and a component-based framework, Angular is at least five times faster than AngularJS. Both browsers and mobile devices can render Angular apps. For the server-side rendering of apps, Angular includes built-in plugins.

What is the difference between Angular CLI and NPM?

NPM is a package management that also serves as a dependency source. NPM is the one hotspot that will offer us the packages if we need a lot of small ones to build a big one. One of these programs is Angular-CLI. NG is Angular’s core module in terms of functionality.

How do I download a specific version of the Angular command line?

There is no direct way, however, you can build a new project and then simply modify the package editions. You can convert json to whatever you need.

Where should I set up npm install?

The node modules folder will be created whenever you run a module via npm. When you start this, npm will begin installing all of the dependencies for the current project.

What version of Angular is an application?

Visit the Terminal + view in your project and type ng version to verify the Angular edition. It will give the editions of numerous Angular packages that you have installed in your project for current editions of Angular.

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