How to Improve Your Tracking Aim in FPS Games

How to Improve Your Tracking Aim in FPS Games

If you dabble in first-person shooter games, then you know that it can both get incredibly frustrating or fabulously rewarding. Most of the experience is dependent on our ability to aim efficiently and accurately. If we master the aiming art, any first-person shooter game becomes a lot more fulfilling. In fact, with a private HWID Spoofer, nothing beats the feeling of dominating an FPS as you become truly unstoppable.

Conversely, there is nothing is worse than being completed destroyed in an FPS game or being forced to re-spawn at the re-spawning point. Hence, how do you start winning more gunfights and be a better gamer? Our tips below will help you with tracking aims and becoming a successful gamer in no time.

Get the right gear

Your setup is crucial if you are aiming for accuracy. Thus, the two most vital hardware pieces have to be the mouse pad and mouse. Luckily, the sensor technology of the mouse has advanced in years.

Therefore, you can get an accurate rodent without spending truckloads of cash. When you hunt for the best mouse, some of the few things to think about are button layout, weight, and DPI capabilities. Any pro player we have spoken to recommends a lighter and simpler mouse.

For shooting, you only need two thumbs or one thumb button for core abilities. And, with a lighter variant, you can whip around your mouse pad with ease. The response time will also be the lowest as you will not be able to land the headshots of the mouse is lackadaisical.

A comfy mouse pad is another recommendation based on your needs. We suggest getting a giant mouse pad that can fit your desk so that you do not have to pick the mouse and run during a firefight. This step is a significant concern for players who play with low DPI settings and require larger hand movements for moving the cursor.

Practice aim training on a map that is free and versatile 

If you seek a reliable and helpful tool for aim training then you can give Aim Lab a try on Steam. It is free of cost and offers Early Access hence it is improvising all the time. Recently the Creator Studio that came into existence helped community members to craft particular training scenarios, besides tasks for the most prominent shooters.

Here, you can improvise several aspects of your training which include reflexes and tracking. You will acquire a detailed summary of the results highlighting the reaction time and your accuracy to display your progress. You get personal feedback as well based on your performance. And, to keep at it, there are leaderboards to motivate you.

Get physical

Once the hardware is in a good place, you have to ensure your body is a more fantastic place too. Some players claim that the way we hold our mouse affects our performance. But, we recommend that you do that which feels effortless and comfortable, be it fingertip grip, palm or claw.

There are many doubtful infographics, but everything depends on your hand’s size and how well the mouse fits into it. Keep in mind that your setup’s general ergonomics is what matters the most. The minute you slouch or get tired, it will impact your play. You will also have to make sure that enough room for your wrists.

Game sense and techniques

There are two primary aiming types: flick shots and tracking. Tracking refers to keeping the crosshair stuck on the target every time and following them. Flickshots involve the crosshairs at the target and coming back to a neutral position that is used for single-shot weapons like snipers.

Irrespective of your character type, we recommend resting in the crosshairs whenever you sense encountering an enemy. Anticipating the enemies’ movements is vital. If you improve this aspect by playing regularly, then nothing like it. However, if you begin a fight by reacting constantly, you will miss targets. Hold the crosshair at the edge where you await an opponent.

Sensation and sensitivity

The single most vital setting in FPS is the mouse’s sensitivity. But of course, there is no particular set of magical settings that will make you shoot better automatically. It is all about discovering the settings that give you complete control and feel most natural.


Work on your muscle memory next once you find the sensitivity that makes it effortless for you to shoot. As you know, flick shots rely the most on muscle memory, but most FPS play’s parts are crucial, whether spinning to hit enemies behind you or simply steering through the map. We hope you find our tips helpful and will advance head shooting your way to success.

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