Amazon FZ Coins Daily Quiz Answers Today

amazon fz coins daily quiz answers today
amazon fz coins daily quiz answers today

Amazon fz coins daily quiz answers today is a fun game where you can win exciting prizes. You can play the game in the ‘FunZone’ section of the Amazon app.

To participate, download the app and log in with your Amazon account. Then, search for ‘Quiz’ or ‘FunZone’. Click on the Daily Quiz banner to start answering questions.

How to play

The Amazon quiz is a daily quiz contest hosted by the company on its app. The quiz contest usually starts at midnight, and participants can participate until 13:59 (1:59 PM) Indian Standard Time (IST). The quiz contest requires participants to answer five easy questions about current affairs. Participants who get all the answers right are eligible to win a prize. The prizes for the contest vary from day to day, and include vouchers, gift cards, and even Amazon pay balance.

The quiz can be accessed in the Funzone section of the Amazon India mobile app. In order to play, users must have a valid email address and a registered mobile number. Once they have these requirements, they can participate in the quiz and earn FZ points. FZ points are a type of virtual currency that can be used to redeem rewards, such as Amazon pay balance.

To play the quiz, users must first open the app and select the ‘Fun Zone’ option. This will take them to a page that features their coin balance and other tabs. They can then click on the ‘Daily Quiz’ or ‘Weekly Quiz’ options to start playing.

There are many ways to play the Amazon Quiz, and each question will have a different answer. Some of the questions are very simple, while others require extensive knowledge about current events. Each question will also have a time limit, and the winner must be fast enough to complete the quiz.

Once the quiz has been completed, the winning participants will be notified via an email. The winners can then use their Amazon e-wallet to redeem their prizes. The contest is free to play, and participants can participate in it as many times as they like.

The Amazon FZ coins quiz is a new online game that allows players to collect points and redeem them for rewards. The Amazon FZ coins quiz is available to all Indian customers and offers a variety of gifts. You can also exchange your FZ points for Amazon pay balance or shopping discount coupons. The Amazon FZ Coins Quiz is an exciting way to get involved with the company and earn rewards.


The Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz offers daily exciting rewards. To participate, you must have an active Amazon account and the latest version of the app. The quiz consists of five questions related to General Knowledge and Current Affairs. To win, you must answer all questions correctly. The winners of the quiz will be selected by random draw each day. The winner will be notified via SMS or email, and they must click on the link to claim their prize. The prizes will be delivered to the winner’s verified address or credited into their Amazon Pay balance. The contest is available for all Amazon India users.

The prize for the Amazon Funzone Quiz is FZ coins, which can be redeemed for free Amazon Pay balance or shopping discount coupons. To earn more FZ coins, you must play the quizzes daily and submit the correct answers. You can also share the quiz on social media to get more entries. FZ points expire on December 31, 2023, so be sure to save the quiz page for easy access and consistent participation.

To start playing the Amazon Funzone Quiz, open the app and search for “Daily Quiz.” Then, click on the ‘Play Now’ button in yellow colour. You will be taken to the ‘Funzone’ section, where you will find 4 quizzes, a daily jackpot, a weekly jackpot, and a weekly quiz. Each quiz has a different set of questions, and the answers are updated daily on this post page.

You can also play the Amazon quizzes on your desktop computer by visiting the official site. The website provides detailed instructions on how to get started and includes a FAQ page. The FAQ page answers common questions about the quizzes, including how to register, how to participate, and what the prizes are. The site also includes links to the Facebook page and Twitter handle for each quiz. This way, you can stay updated on the latest news and prizes. In addition to the quizzes, Amazon also offers other content on their website, such as articles and podcasts.

Time limit

The Amazon daily quiz is an interactive game that allows you to earn FZ coins for answering correctly. The game is available in the Fun Zone section of the app and has five questions that aren’t difficult to answer. Answering each question correctly will win you 10 FZ coins. You can also participate in the weekly jackpot quiz and win up to 50 FZ coins. FZ coins can be exchanged for free Amazon Pay balance or shopping coupons. The balance is credited to your account within 48 hours after winning the quiz.

To play the amazon quiz, download the app and open it. You will then see a yellow color button that says “play now”. Click on it to start the game and answer the questions. The game will ask you questions about different topics, including history and culture. It will give you a time limit to answer each question. If you can’t answer the questions in a timely manner, you will lose the game.

If you want to win the Amazon daily quiz, you need to answer all the questions correctly. The questions are simple, but you should always read the answers carefully before answering them. Some of the questions include what is 64 divided by 8, how many teeth do adult humans have, and what is the hardest natural substance.

To play the Amazon daily quiz, go to the Fun Zone section of the app and search for ‘daily quiz’. Then, you will see your coin balance and tabs for other engagements. Tap the Daily Quiz tab to start playing. There are a few rules you must follow to win the Amazon Daily Quiz: 1) You must be logged in to your Amazon app to play. 2) You must be a Prime member to participate. 3) You must have a good internet connection to play the quiz. 4) You must be 18 years or older to participate in the contest. 5) You can only participate in one quiz per day. If you are a Prime member, you can earn more rewards by participating in multiple quizzes.


The Amazon FZ Coins quiz is an online game where you can win a variety of rewards. These rewards range from free Amazon Pay balance to shopping discount coupons. To play the game, simply log in to your Amazon account and answer questions about different topics. Answering all the questions correctly will earn you a certain amount of coins and will also enter you into a lucky draw where you can win exciting prizes.

This daily quiz contest hosted by Amazon India takes place on the company’s app every day at midnight (Indian Standard Time). The quiz includes five questions related to current affairs and general knowledge. The correct answers will earn you a certain amount of FZ coins, and the winners are chosen randomly by a lucky draw. The Amazon Funzone section of the app features many games and activities that offer FZ points as rewards. These can include word puzzles, trivia challenges, and even games where you have to spin a wheel and then choose a prize.

To participate in this contest, simply log into your Amazon account and open the app. Then, look for the ‘FunZone’ section and click on it to access the quizzes. Once you reach the FunZone page, you can see two options: ‘Daily Quiz’ and ‘Weekly Quiz’. The Daily Quiz updates every day at midnight and the Weekly Quiz is updated once a week.

The game is only available to users who have an account on the company’s website or app and are located in India. You can also use the Amazon website to play the game, but it is not as convenient as the mobile app. The prizes for winning are very appealing and can be used to make purchases or to simply have some fun.

Amazon FZ coins are a virtual currency that can be earned by playing the games and activities offered in the Funzone section of the Amazon India app. Each correct answer in the daily quiz will earn you 5 FZ points. You can also earn FZ points by participating in special activities and promotions. You can also exchange your earned FZ coins for free Amazon Pay balance or shopping discount coupons.

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