Top 5 Preschool Franchise Opportunity in Faridabad


Launching a preschool franchise may provide an ideal path to entrepreneurial success while making an impactful difference in children’s lives. Franchise models provide an established route to business success while decreasing risk. In addition, building on existing brand names allows you to gain a competitive edge and strengthen an already-established name can give your brand name greater strength in the marketplace.

Selecting a preschool franchise can be an important decision, and to help make an informed choice it is essential to consider aspects such as educational excellence, scalability and financial security when making this choice. Furthermore, look for one with comprehensive support services as well as a solid business model; there are plenty of options out there!

We have selected top 5 preschool franchises in Faridabad and listed down below to cut down you work and provide you complete peace of mind.

Footprints Preschool and Daycare

Footprints Preschool and Daycare is an established brand in play school, preschool and daycare that has seen rapid expansion since opening its first center over 80 centers nationwide. Offering great franchise opportunities across India.

This edupreneurship opportunity is ideal for parents looking to provide their children with quality education while creating a rewarding business of their own. The company offers complete support from marketing to training, so franchisees can set up their preschool with confidence knowing they have all of the resources available to them in order to ensure its success.

Footprints Preschool stands apart from its peers by following a scientifically designed curriculum designed to foster young kids’ brain development. Comprehensive child evaluation system works to identify each child’s key areas of improvement while High Scope pedagogy encourages hands-on learning while helping young ones discover their passions early on in life.

Footprints not only offers quality education for their students, but they are also dedicated to creating an atmosphere conducive to wellness. Footprints was one of the first organizations to provide parents with real-time CCTV footage of learning spaces as well as prioritize clean, sanitized environments with safety infrastructure dedicated specifically for safety measures. Furthermore, Footprints encourage their students to consume a nutritious diet with limited junk food intake.

Footprints offers many other advantages for its franchisees, including guaranteed admissions rates and an attractive 33%+ IRR. These benefits make Footprints a fantastic option for aspiring edupreneurs looking to open a preschool and daycare franchise in Faridabad.

Little Millennium Preschool

India is home to an ever-expanding population and with it comes an increasing need for childcare and education services. Entrepreneurs looking to invest in young minds can seize this opportunity by opening up a Little Millennium daycare franchise; its acclaimed brand promises high returns with low investments required – read on to gain more insight into this lucrative business opportunity!

Little Millennium was one of the pioneering structured, process-driven preschool brands in Singapore. With its groundbreaking curriculum and structured pedagogy derived from scientific research conducted at Educomp Solutions Ltd – one of the country’s largest education companies.

This school aims to promote each child’s holistic development from cognitive and social skills development, motor, and physical development, in an inviting, safe learning environment. With an extensive curriculum, an exemplary staff, and a wealth of support systems in place – its goal is simple.

As part of your journey as a Little Millenium Preschool franchisee, it is necessary to meet the brand’s minimum investment requirements and select an ideal site that meets zoning regulations – an area with easy access and nearby residential areas is best. Once you’ve located an ideal spot, submit an official application and await approval by the company.

Once approved, you’ll be provided with training and ongoing support from the company. Furthermore, marketing support may help promote your new franchise to local influencers and parenting communities to build awareness and grow customer base. Likewise, grand opening events offer another great way to promote your school while strengthening brand recognition and increasing revenue.


Investing in education business can be an ideal way to make an impactful impactful statement about their values and beliefs while giving back. Understanding the business model before purchasing a preschool franchise will provide all of the support and guidance you require to be successful in the education sector.

Preschool franchise opportunities have grown increasingly popular as more parents recognize the significance of early education for their child’s wellbeing. This trend can especially be found in urban areas like Faridabad where demand is particularly strong for preschools; consequently educational franchises are opening quickly and becoming profitable within weeks or months of opening their doors.

Eurokids is an award-winning preschool chain in India, recognized for both its education programs and franchising success. Their EUNOIA curriculum helps children discover and realize their full potential while in an encouraging and stimulating environment. Furthermore, this brand makes learning fun through extensive teacher training programs.

To open a Eurokids preschool, you will require at least 1500 square feet of commercial property and at least six classrooms and an outdoor area. Furthermore, it is imperative that you possess an in-depth knowledge of education industry requirements for startup costs and ongoing operating expenses as set by Eurokids, be familiar with local markets in your city as well as competitors and be ready to accept risks as part of managing business operations and work hard towards your vision.

Bachpan Play School

Bachpan Play School’s focus is to nurture cognitive and social development of its ‘Bachpanites’ by engaging them in creative activities that help develop teamwork skills while building gross and fine motor capabilities and encouraging independent learning. Furthermore, this play school chain holds regular celebrations to honor special days or occasions and keep their kids active!

This school was established in 2004 following a franchise model. With its innovative curriculum and child-friendly infrastructure, this preschool stands out among others in India. Teachers at this preschool are trained to assess students’ learning every month and take appropriate steps to help them reach their full potential. No exams are administered here for an enriching educational experience that fosters both academic and social growth simultaneously.

As preschool enrollment in India increases, so too does our recognition of their critical role in children’s early development and long-term success. Parents’ preference for structured and professionally managed preschools has led to this growing market being exploited by entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of it.

Bachpan Education is an industry leader and operates 1100+ preschools nationwide. Their curriculum integrates Montessori and contemporary teaching methodologies for an engaging learning experience that ensures the smooth operation of franchised preschools. Furthermore, ongoing support services ensure successful operations of franchisee-operated preschools.

Bachpan Family Membership provides entrepreneurs with an excellent way to break into this burgeoning industry and contribute to its expansion. Their proven pedagogy and extensive training will enable them to quickly open a successful preschool. Furthermore, having such an established name as an alliance partner provides instant credibility and gives an edge over competitors.

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