How are elderly people at risk for coronavirus disease?

University in the US

The havoc of Corona has disturbed human life like never before. From kids to elders, everyone is worried about the rapid spread of this deadly virus. Although the virus can infect anyone, senior citizens are more vulnerable to it. Researchers at Indiana University in the US have found in their study that besides Coronavirus, the elderly are more affected by the fear of it and most of them are suffering from depression and loneliness.

Why elderly are at high risk of coronavirus?

As people grow, their immune system becomes weaker. Many health-related diseases are caused by ageing, as the WBC (white blood cells) reduces over time. This leads to a reduced ability to resist infections and weakens immunity, thereby seniors are more vulnerable to Coronavirus. Additionally, chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes also increase the risk of coronavirus in the elderly. Because, in these diseases, their body’s ability to naturally resist infection decreases and makes the body more susceptible to infection.

Ensure that seniors practice social distancing, not isolation

It is important to ensure that the elderly are practising social distancing, not isolation. There’s a very thin line between both but the latter one can take the senior citizens towards destruction. It is not healthy for elders to stay alone all the time, especially in times like the present. If you are not able to accompany your elders, you can also hire home care services for them.

How to keep the elderly safe during Coronavirus?

Most elders stay alone and due to the lockdown and other challenges, their families are not able to visit them, right? In this critical situation, home healthcare services have turned out as a boon for the elderly. With home care services, elders don’t feel alone or left out rather they feel loved, heard, and cared for. The professionals are trained to attain a loving and friendly nature towards elders. Home health services for older adults include many services such as:

  • Daily Care Service
  • Nursing Service
  • At-home doctor Service
  • Personal Care Service
  • Assistance Care Service
  • Medical Care Service
  • Patient Care Service
  • Fall Prevention Service 
  • Nutritional Care Service
  • Companionship Service
  • Transportation & Mobility Service

These were just a few to name, the list of home care services for elders is endless. Depending on the needs and requirements, you can hire one or multiple home care services for your beloved elders. The best part is that professional caregivers act as an extended family member in your absence. 

Benefits of In-Home Care Services for elderly

In-home care services don’t only provide better health care to the elders, but also improves their life in a lot of other ways. From providing the elders with better health care services at home, the professional caregivers also give them the required love and warmth that they miss while living alone. Here’re some key benefits of home care services for the elderly:

  • Elders get better nutrition and healthy meals, which is the need of the hour.
  • As people grow they become moody and family members often find it difficult to deal with them, but professional is trained to handle all their moods with affection.  
  • With these services, the elderly also get timely medicines and do regular exercise and meditation for better physical and mental health.
  • Overall these services improve the quality of their life.

Are you also worried about the safety of your loving seniors during the COVID-19 time? Well! It’s time to stop worrying and find a trusted caregiver for them who can give them the required love and care in your absence. 

Final Words

There are various home-care service providers out there who offer personalized service for elders at a genuine price, such as Emoha eldercare- a one-stop destination for all elderly issues. Emoha is the leading home attendant for elderly provider in Delhi-NCR. With a time of skilled professionals, Emoha always keeps the elderly at first. Get connected with them at or at 1800-123-445555.

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