Why does every gamer need gaming glasses?

blue light glasses

As an avid gamer, you must be completely aware of your timeline of screen use. You must also be familiar with the eye problems often caused while looking at a screen for prolonged hours. Every gamer has experienced various sets of eye problems and discomfort when it comes to gaming but tends to ignore it in the heat of the moment. With growing eye problems globally, blue light glasses are hailed to be an effective solution. Here’s what you need to know about gaming glasses and protecting the eyes from negative impacts screen overuse.

What is gaming glasses?

Glasses with blue light coatings are known as gaming glasses. If not used for gaming, they are simply known as blue light glasses. Gaming glasses are a type of specially-designed glasses that block incoming blue light rays emitted from the screen. By blocking the rays from emission, these glasses help to reduce digital eye strain and protect the eyes from any sort of eye problems and discomfort. Previously, there wasn’t enough awareness about damaging blue light rays that are continuously emitted from the screen, but the problems were still present.

Now, with more and more people calling themselves gamers and playing it for more than just a pastime, protecting the eyesight has been the only priority.

How do gaming glasses work?

It’s common to ask about the working of gaming glasses, cause little information is only out about them. Gaming glasses work effectively towards reflecting the blue light rays away from your eyes to keep them protected at all times. The main reason why these glasses are so significantly effective is due to its cutting-edge blue light filtering technology that’s activated at all hours. From blocking the harmful rays of light to allowing your eyes utmost comfort and ease while working on a computer screen, the glasses are truly reliable.

Whether you want these coatings on your reading glasses or varifocals, it’s available on every type of lens out there.

To understand the root cause of the eye problem caused by the screen, you must know about blue light rays. These rays are high-energy short wavelengths that are emitted from the sun, LED lights and from all computer screens. These light rays are extremely harmful to the eyes, as it not only causes short-term eye strain in a relatively short amount of time but also results in headache, neck and shoulder pain, migrants and uneven sleeping patterns.

Blue light rays are significantly associated with an increase in insomnia among young kids and adults due to late-night screen use. Its overtime exposure can cause greater damage in the eyesight, as continuous eye strain leads to severe consequences.

Fortunately, with time, we got gaming glasses that not only protect our eyes but also improve our gaming experience without causing any eye-strain and physical discomfort. From cheap glasses to your high-end designer lenses, the blue light coating is easily available on all lenses. Another major advantage of glasses for gaming is their anti-reflective coating that works by reducing unwanted glasses coming from surrounding light sources. It leads to a much sharper and less irritating view of the screen. 

Lack of AR coating makes the eyes constantly exposed to unwanted and damaging glare that causes eye strain and even blurry-vision. In the end, gaming glasses are just a pair of cool-looking glasses that allows you to comfortably use the screen. 

Where to get the best gaming glasses?

With so many amazing benefits, you must have realised by now that gaming glasses have ample of virtues. Not only meant for a gamer, but these glasses are also useful for people who have desk jobs or love to read and watch movies.

Specscart offers a huge variety of glasses online in stunning designer frames. The blue light coating can be additionally added to any glasses or sunglasses you choose. The best part of Specscart is all their glasses already have anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-resistance and anti UV coatings with no concealed costs.

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