Why does everyone cant trade Forex


You may know that the forex industry holds hundreds and thousands of traders from all over the world. However, you may not know that 90 percent of these traders do not succeed.

But why is so? Why can everyone generate expected income with it? What is the reason behind most of the traders getting failed? This article will answer all the questions by covering some significant reasons that lead most foreign exchange traders to failure. So without any further discussion, let us dig right into the content. Please have a look. If you are looking bitcoin trading sites no need to be panic just click on the above link.

Reasons, not everyone can trade forex.

Not having a proper action plan.

An action plan refers to a predefined layout formed with accurate knowledge that helps attain the final goals. The same is why having a plan is crucial in the forex world.

A successful trader always works on an action plan designed strategically and includes an analysis of possible risks and risk management strategies, and specifies the expected ROI- Return On Investment.

Hence, people who don’t have a proper plan can never successfully trade forex.

Failing to control emotions 

One of the biggest mistakes a foreign exchange trader can make is not being disciplined and letting the emotion take over their discussion-making power. In addition, a trader must always remember that small losses are the cost of big wins.

However, people with small hearts and weak emotional control power can’t handle these small losses efficiently and start losing their confidence.

Trying to learn from a bad experience. 

There is a popular phrase in this world: learn from your experiences. That means a person must not get scared of taking risks and take all the negative experiences into his favor by learning from them.

However, this can’t be applied to the forex world, as learning from your mistakes in the FX world can lead to crippling losses. As a result, newbie trader can sustain their account in the forex world. Hence, it is always good to reach out to the seniors and old traders and learn from their experiences instead of making mistakes yourself.

Absences of knowledge

There is a common myth in today’s world about forex as it is thought to be a magic wand that can change your whole lifestyle in a flash of eyes. The same is why most forex traders enter the world without proper knowledge, which leads them to fail miserably.

In addition, one must not trust words of mouth and should research by themselves. For instance, you have heard that XM is a good brokerage house from somebody or their official site. Now, It is always a good idea to have a look at at least a single XM review before actually joining the firm.


Many traders join the forex brokers daily to generate high income. Yet, many of them fail to do so.

There are many reasons behind this scene, including the absence of knowledge, failing to control emotions, not having a proper plan, etc. You can find details in the above content. 11

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