Should you replace a roll cage after rolling?


As we love our birds and want to give them everything best. If you are looking for replace rolling cage for your birds. You should check many things because its directly connected with your birds comfort.if want to compare and replace you can check out Lumbuy for a long list of rolling cages and choose the right one for your birds.

Choosing a cage for a pet bird

Choosing a cage for a pet bird is a crucial step, because the animal will spend a lot of time in it, and its well-being will largely depend on it.

What type of cage should you choose for your bird ? The first criterion is obviously the size, but there are others to take into account.

Choosing the size of the pet bird cage

The dimensions of the cage depend on the size of the chosen bird . In all cases, the space offered by the model must allow the animal to benefit from sufficient range of motion .

If we have chosen a large bird or if we plan to have several , we opt for the largest cage possible or ideally for an aviary .

 Choose the cage according to the openings and the material, shape

In addition to the dimensions, the shape of the pet bird cage is also a decisive selection criterion.

Concretely, for birds that prefer to climb the bars , preference will be given to cage models that are built in height . This is the case of parrots and parakeets in particular.

For their part, passerines are generally less inclined to climb and must be able to perform flights and horizontal movements quite frequently.

In either case, it will always be better to choose rectangular or square models , rather than more fanciful shapes which may, of course, be aesthetic, but which are not necessarily adapted to the needs of the birds.

The openings are also to be taken into account when choosing the cage for a pet bird. For parrots, it is recommended to choose doors with complex locking systems , as they are smart enough to unlock conventional devices. The openings must facilitate the access of the person inside the cage to seize the bird if necessary and for the handling of the accessories.

In terms of material, there are rolling cages , but it is better to opt for stainless steel or aluminum models . They are easier to maintain and more durable .

Finally, cages with a removable bottom are to be preferred because this configuration also simplifies maintenance.


We should always replace the cage after rolling. So when ever you going to replace the cage you should always give full attention because it can cause serious issues for your birds. You can visit our official website and can compare the different cages and choose the best one for your birds according to their needs.

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