CBD For High Blood Pressure: Does It Help


When we get the news that we have high blood pressure, many of us are far less affected by it than if we were told we have diabetes or heart issues. Yet, doctors are wary of hypertension because they know it is the silent killer. At first, high blood pressure manifests itself in minor ways. You may get a hot flash or become dizzy when you bend down, but significant changes are happening inside your body, all of which are putting more pressure on your heart.

Pressure of this kind can damage the blood vessels, resulting in a higher workload on the heart, which must pump the blood harder. As a result, the likelihood of kidney disease, arterial issues, not to mention heart attack, and stroke is a more considerable risk. Doctors generally recommend a lifestyle change before prescribing medication. Eating healthier, managing stress levels, and working out to stay in line with your BMI scale are all ways you can avoid the use of drugs and lower your hypertension.

Some lifestyle changes are more challenging, especially if food is an emotional crutch and you loathe exercise. If you struggle with high blood pressure and hope to become healthier through the natural route, consider taking the natural compound known as CBD.


The Science Behind Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating psychoactive found in the Cannabis Sativa plant species. Unlike other cannabinoids which cause those euphoric effects, hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.3 percent THC cannot make you high or paranoid. The risk of overdose is non-existent too.

CBD triggers changes in the body by signaling to the receptors managed by the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The latter is a molecular system responsible for keeping the body in a constant state of homeostasis (optimal balance). The ECS regulates functions in the body through its receptors, including temperature, appetite, hormones, and sleep. Although CBD research has a long way to go, early data indicates CBD’s potential for a list of mental and physical ailments ranging from anxiety and depression to Alzheimer’s disease and skin disorders.

Such a promise, together with its legalization in many countries, has led to the rise of the CBD industry. It is now exciting and safe to purchase CBD-infused products. You can find anything that suits your lifestyle, from CBD gummies to capsules, oil, topical creams, e-liquids, and so on.


The Significant Ways CBD Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

As a natural compound, CBD can naturally lower hypertension. Researchers noted this in a study involving participants who did not have hypertension. The researchers observed how the volunteers’ blood pressure was lower when they took a 600mg dose of CBD. There is also encouraging research about CBD’s potential to convert bad fat into good fat. Our body can burn good fat faster than bad fat, and that is why we gain more weight when we eat unhealthy fats.

Now, researchers note how CBD can affect the browning of white fat and encourage the body to burn it more effectively. Excessive weight is a critical component that increases the risk of high blood pressure. More fat clogging the blood vessels means the heart has to work harder, leading to detrimental physical effects. Even so, you cannot depend on a natural remedy to convert your bad fat into good fat, and staying away from junk food is imperative if you hope to notice improvement.

Saying no to unhealthy food is easier said than done, especially if you are addicted to it. CBD can help you curb cravings and stick to healthy food. Researchers noted how opioid addicts handled their cravings better when they took a CBD dose.


Sometimes, it is not your unhealthy food choices causing hypertension but chronic pain. Researchers have learned the complex way chronic pain can increase blood pressure and, in a nutshell, it is due to pain incessantly stimulating the nerves that manage blood pressure. The good news is that CBD is a potent painkiller. Indeed, this natural compound can ease pain caused by chronic disorders such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.

Stress and anxiety can lead to hypertension as well. Although there are antidepressants on the market to help ease your mental health struggles, most come with adverse side effects, including an increased risk of high blood pressure. CBD’s interaction with critical neurotransmitters in the body is how you can avoid increasing your risk of hypertension while keeping your mental health struggles under control. Many have shared their CBD experience and described the cannabinoid as an eraser that removes the negative thoughts and emotions plaguing them.

Taking CBD With The Guidance Of A Medical Professional

CBD is considered safe. The World Health Organization released a statement on the status of this cannabinoid. The only known side effects of CBD include nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, and diarrhea. Although it is safe, CBD can cause harm if paired with a particular medication. CBD can block the work of some medicine that contains grapefruit, heart medication, and diet pills. Accordingly, if you wish to take CBD, it is best to take it under the guidance of your doctor, who can monitor your blood pressure and your overall health.

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