Using 3d configuration to sell binders


If you want to capture your clients’ interest and convert it into sales, you should provide captivating visual material on your website.

What is a 3D Configurator?

If you work in e-Commerce and haven’t investigated 3D configurators, you’re missing out. This amazing new technology has created a new link between merchants and buyers and has already begun to revolutionize the e-commerce business. So, what exactly is a configurator?

A 3D product configurator is an interactive tool that enables your customers and clients to create a product depending on their needs. What distinguishes 3D product configurators from the rest of the customization tools is the ability for consumers to make adjustments in real time.

As far as visual material goes, interactive 3D technology is unrivaled.

It provides three significant advantages over typical 2D graphics to customers:

3 advantages of using 3d configuration for Ecommerce

Pre-purchase anxiety is reduced

Customers aren’t prepared to spend a lot of money unless they’re 100 percent confident they’ll enjoy what they receive. Therefore merchants of big-ticket things like furniture and jewelry have never had as much success in eCommerce as retailers of less-expensive goods. 3D pictures, both on their own and in AR for Ecommerce apps, have the potential to provide customers with assurance and so alleviate the worry that may have held them from clicking “purchase.”

The online-offline continuum is being bridged

Brands with an online and physical presence often struggle to establish a unified and consistent customer experience across platforms. 3D product images can help with this process by allowing for an online shopping experience that incorporates more of the tactile elements of in-store shopping.

Increase your self-assurance

According to recent Gartner data, B2B buyers are experiencing a crisis of confidence in their capacity to make smart online purchasing choices, owing in part to the abundance of written, consultative information at their disposal. Interactive 3D cuts through the clutter, showing purchasers precisely what they’ll receive and increasing their trust that an online product meets their requirements.

How Binders Inc used Expivi’s 3d configurator software to boost sales?

Binders Inc. used Expivi’s 3d configurator software to boost sales. If you go to the Binders Inc website, you will see how convenient it is to view the products offered by the company, thanks to the 3d configurator. Firstly, you can view the product from all sides, and change its color, texture, type, color, etc. You can change the animation type and see the product folded, for example. The site has a huge number of parameters that you can change to see the product almost in reality.

Thanks to these settings, Binder Inc significantly increases the engagement of potential customers and boosts sales. In addition, allowing site users to view the desired product in real life increases their commitment to your brand.

3d configurator tools allow you to render the product absolutely real from all sides. The only thing they bought will not be able to feel it. Thanks to Expivi’s 3d configurator software, many companies have increased sales and increased user engagement. We highly recommend using this particular tool.


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