Making Tutoring Fun in After School Activities


No one can deny the fact that after school activities used to be the best activities of the school and the in the school life students know that they have to learn and study only so they always wait for after school activities where the same tutors never stop them and never scold them instead, they encourage them to jump and scroll down as much as they can. Many students seek help from the tutors but are unable to get it due to the busy schedule of the tutors. These days many schools are using the most modern and innovative tools like any best school management software to make teaching and learning easy. Although it is not easy to choose any best school management software among so many options, still those educational institutions who focus on the growth of the students, they always make tutors create a funny atmosphere for the kids in order to make them take interest in learning. However, a lot of kids think that learning is such a boring process and it is usually not their fault because often tutors teach in such a boring way that even squirrels will fall asleep in their class. Whereas tutoring sessions can be a lot of fun beyond the imagination of the students. Let’s find out how.

The very first thing in order to make tutoring fun is to change the atmosphere of the class and make it funny for the joy and happiness of the class such as, far away from the strict rule and regulations of this class may be sometimes students can sit in a bean bag of lay down on floor as they read a book at home, sometimes students can write colourful pens and pens having ink of fragrance, sometimes tutor can allow them to shout and run and jump etc. Yes, discipline is also necessary but we should not forget that strangling the kid inside them in the name of discipline will make the students introvert day by day and they will stop sharing the things with parents and tutors also. Sometimes tutors have to adopt some innovative techniques to help the students such as schools these days are opting for a  student attendance management system. It is so because the student attendance management system makes students punctual and disciplined towards his or her academic responsibilities. There are several ways to make tutoring fun such as by making the students teach the tutors. Facing the podium and teaching the tudors the students will learn many things together like they build up their confidence level due to the presentation on the podium and second thing is that students will have command over the subject and topic due to teaching for which they have to prepare already.

Tutors need no to choose the topics and subjects to read and learn. Then the class will become only teacher-centred. That is why it is necessary that the class should have students centred. Many students focus on their after-school tutors in order to enjoy their teaching and learning. They need to inform the tutor about their favourite subjects and topics and if the tutor chooses the topics or subject accordingly the success of the student is certain because the tutor is making a fun environment where every student will like to stay and learn in such an environment. Students should never forget to take adequate number of breaks during the after-school study and learning process because it is necessary for the students that they should take proper rest also like taking a stroll, taking some sips of water or have some snacks so that body and mind can get some rest and students can provide the body and mind needed rest. Doesn’t matter how young or older students may be but they should take a break of 10 minutes after every 1 hour.

It is also very important for the tutor and students that both should be honest with each other while teaching and learning so that he or she can be fruitful to the students in all ways. If the student is not paying attention, then the tutor needs to speak to him/her honestly and if the teaching session is going very slow or fast the students should speak to the tutor very honestly about it and request him/her to fix this. All the above enumerated ways make the tutoring fun in after school activities.

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