When The Yakuza fall in Love: A Manga Story


The world of the yakuza is filled with violence. So much so, in fact, that every step of the way, the police actively monitor and try to trace every yakuza member who leaves the curb. Just as the yakuza are sometimes called the “hood dealers” of Japan, so too are the yakuza the “hood” thieves of the world.

But for many yakuza in Japan, it’s the ultimate love story that comes to an abrupt halt when the yakuza fall in love.

In “The Yakuza: A Manga Story”, Shingo Ito, the sole surviving yakuza in Japan, recounts the story of his parents and other yakuza members who fall in love as they fight for their lives. The author takes us into the mind of every yakuza member, painting a harrowing picture of what it’s like to live in a world where love is not allowed.

This heart-wrenching manga story can be read on Mangago, Mangakakalot, Mangaowl, and Mangafreak. Here’s an overview of this story.

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The Beginning of Yakuza: A Manga Story

For the most part, the manga books of the yakuza fall into one of two categories: “true” or “fictive.” “True” yakuza stories are those that are based on events that took place, while “fictive” yakuza stories are those that are based on a fictional encounter between characters. Both types of yakuza stories tend to revolve around the relationship between a yakuza samurai and his senpai.

The Yakuza Warriors

A yakuza are a group of Japanese criminals who are not only known for their ruthlessness, but also for their skill at fighting on multiple levels. The yakuza were first introduced to Japan in the 19th century when the country was still part of the Empire of Japan.

After the fall of the Empire, the yakuza became simply “yaks,” which in Japanese means “soldiers.” The yaks are Dirty Harry, Bugsy Saucsell, & Cloverfield PM, to name a few. As time passed, yakuza groups grew in size, giving rise to the concept of the yakuza syndicate.

Over the years, yakuza groups have grown into complex organizations with multiple members, including leaders who may have a powerful position in the kamikaze suicide plane organization known as the Yakuza.

The Yakuza’s Imperial Guard

The yakuza also use their titles as evidence of their lineage. For example, the “Yakuza’s Imperial Guard” is a fictional organization that serves as a branch of the Yakuza.

The Imperial Guard traces back to the early 1980s, when Japan’s ruling party, the Meiji Restoration Party, created the Imperial Guard. The Imperial Guard is a shadowy organization with a wide array of roles within Japanese society.

The Imperial Guard has served as a source of power for the yakuza since the earliest days of Japan when the government dispatched it in support of the Meiji Restoration.

 Yakuza in Love: The Road to True Happiness

As much as yakuza members want to believe the world is a better place now after the yakuza have fallen in love, there is a catch: love does not last forever.

There is no hope for either the yakuza or their lovers in love because love is a finite thing. As such, true love ends in death. The yakuza lost their love in a car accident, while their lover lost theirs in a plane crash. Both deaths are sponges for the yakuza.

When a member of the yakuza dies, the group becomes break-up, and its members become criminals, with all the ills of lost love.

Yakuza and the Meditation of Love

Yakuza members are known for their “meditation” or “dismissal” of the world. They see the world as a place of opportunity, where they have the ability to create new wealth and gain true happiness through hard work.

The yakuza are known to employ experienced sex workers and other prostitutes to earn money. These individuals are known as “yakuza prostitutes.”

Many modern-day yakuza members also use the prostitutes’ services as a way to get high. While it is legal in Japan to purchase and sell drugs and alcohol, yakuza members are not allowed to consume those items while working for others.

The Only Way Out of Yakuza: A True Story of True Love

There are many yakuza tales of true love, but the only way out of the yakuza stigmas is through the author’s brilliant and heartfelt novel, “The Yakuza.”

The novel tells the story of a yakuza member named Ichiro and his life in relative freedom after the fall of the Empire.

The author follows the story of Ichiro and his three best friends Akio, Bay, and Yuu as they navigate the wild and wacky world of the yakuza.

The novel ends with Bay and Yuu on their wedding day, which is the last thing the author ever witnessed.

Shingo Ito’s yakuza war story

Shingo Ito’s “The Yakuza” is a heart-wrenching manga about a yakuza family and the love they feel for each other. The author gives us a lot of information about the yakuza and their lives, but he also provides us with lots of romance, adventure, action, and humor.

The reader is taken inside the mind of each yakuza member as the author tracks their evolution as a yakuza. The first and foremost trait of a yakuza is his or her need to protect one’s partner. The yakuza are known for protecting their partners. This is what drives them to protect one another, no matter the situation.


The yakuza are an ancient, Japanese criminal organization with a complicated history. The yakuza have been at the center of historical, legal, and social debate ever since their rise to power in the late 19th century.

However, the yakuza also has a dark and fascinating past that is still very much unknown to the general public. In the words of one yakuza member: “The yakuza is a misunderstood organization. It doesn’t do well in the general public’s eyes. Everyone thinks we are a bunch of wild criminals but we are the perfect people to talk about the yakuza.”

A yakuza are a unique group of criminals with a rich and colorful history, and it is up to the reader to understand their origins and how they came to be what they are today.

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