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Protolabs 3D 330MW Expands Its European Operations

Protolabs 3d is a company that produces 3D printed parts. Its current headquarters are in Feldkirchen, near Munich. The company plans to expand its facilities to Putzbrunn, where it will add 25 new systems. This move will allow the company to increase its production capacity and improve work processes. It will also allow the company to hire more employees. And most importantly, it will help the company produce certified medical devices.

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Expansion plans

Protolabs 3d, a German additive manufacturing firm, is expanding its facilities in Europe. With an investment of 10.5 million GBP, it plans to build a new 5,000 square metre production facility in Putzbrunn. The new building will be equipped with twenty-five machines and a CNC machining center, and will accommodate a growing demand for its 3D printing technologies. The company expects to complete the shell of the new facility by the end of this year. Machine installations will begin in May 2021, and the company will move all departments to the new location.

Hundreds of employees will be working in the new facility. The expanded production space will create a more efficient workplace. As the world’s fastest digital manufacturer, Protolabs works with thousands of product designers across Europe every year. The investment is helping the company meet increasing customer demand for speed to market, and will also create 60 new high-skilled jobs in the region.

Quality inspection

The Protolabs 3d quality inspection system is capable of verifying critical dimensions of components, such as ID/OD (inside and outside diameters). Its high-speed 3D scanner generates a color map of the model that is directly comparable to the CAD scan. It also features embedded PMI, which allows you to program the 3D scanner software to automatically measure critical dimensions. If you embed this technology into your CAD model, you will receive significant discounts on the price of your dimensional inspection.

Quality assurance is a vital component of the manufacturing industry. Many manufacturers employ rigorous quality systems certifications and programs like Six Sigma to prevent errors and deliver parts that meet customer requirements. These controls also minimize waste and improve productivity. Ultimately, they help companies to satisfy their customers and invite repeat business. Protolabs is committed to quality control, and this commitment is reflected in the quality management system that it has established and implements in its rapid manufacturing services. These services include 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding, and rapid prototyping.

The Protolabs 3d quality inspection system uses a continuous, in-process inspection process to evaluate the accuracy of the part. During this process, technicians test the metal 3D-printed part for porosity and grain structure. After passing all inspections, the parts are shipped to the customer. The entire process typically takes just a few days.

3D Hubs platform

The Protolabs 3D Hubs platform offers designers and engineers online access to premium manufacturing services. Users can upload their design, receive a price quote and start production instantly. The 3D Hubs platform will enable companies to receive parts submitted online in as little as a few days. The platform uses CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding processes to create parts. The company recently raised $30 million from investors including Endeit Capital, EQT Ventures, and Balderton Capital.

The 3D Hubs platform has a vetted network of 240 manufacturing partners. Its team is highly professional, analytical, and execution-driven. The founders empower each team member to be a part of the company’s success. They continually remind the board of the company’s mission: to become the largest manufacturing platform in the world.

The 3D Hubs platform has already facilitated the production of over six million custom products and parts. By providing customers with an online platform and access to a global network of manufacturing partners, 3D Hubs has paved the way for a better digital manufacturing experience. Its technology allows engineers to get customized components in one day using a mix of automated 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding. The combination of these services allows customers to increase the complexity of their designs and select from a wider range of materials and lead time options.

The 3D Hubs platform also allows engineers to upload their design and immediately receive a quote. Once the quote is approved, production can begin immediately. Protolabs is one of the leading online manufacturing providers, offering custom-made components in as little as one day. Its advanced manufacturing technologies help manufacturers reduce manufacturing costs and improve supply chain agility.

The Protolabs 3d platform has helped thousands of companies produce custom parts. With its automation and 3D Hubs, manufacturers can streamline their manufacturing processes and improve the quality of their products. The 3D Hubs platform enables manufacturers to work with a partner that shares their goals.

Manufacturing partners

With the 3D Hubs platform, you can quickly access a global network of manufacturing partners. Simply upload your design, and within minutes you’ll receive a quote. From there, you can start the production process online. The 3D Hubs platform combines CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding processes to create fully customized components.

Protolabs is a 3D printing company that partnered with GE Additive to offer industrial-grade 3D printing. The company also recently added PolyJet and Multi Jet Fusion technology to its 3D printing service. It currently offers five different processes for 3D printing. In 2016, Protolabs opened a 77,000-square-foot 3D printing facility near Raleigh, North Carolina. This new facility replaced two smaller buildings and has expanded their capabilities.

Protolabs 3d has recently acquired 3D Hubs to broaden its network of manufacturing partners. The company plans to use the network to offer customers an expanded selection of pricing, lead-time options, and secondary processes. The acquisition will help Protolabs accelerate its growth strategy and reach $1 billion in revenue faster. By increasing the network, it plans to increase the number of existing customers and expand geographically. It will also help expand its part envelope, enabling it to produce larger parts faster.

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