Men’s Watches That You Should Check-out


The luxury of time is moving faster than ever but still, we have to keep the focus on achieving our goals. Sometimes in life having a luxury watch is considered an achievement in life because of the hard work and the dedication in life we can buy luxury watches as a reward. 

Luxury watches are destined to be forever and never go out of fashion even though we have a lot of ways to check out time. The exceptional beauty of the timepiece is irresistible and suddenly checking our time becomes an exciting endeavor. But some watches are not just a simple way of tracking time but also most likely an emotional investment like it can be a personal gift to your special someone or family and it has a sentimental value that the person has to cherish.

We are hoping that somehow we can go back in time so that we can experience that golden moment that we miss, but worry less here’s a list of watches that make you feel that you go back in time.

1. Breitling’s Bentley – is one of the exceptional watches for men, it was made in titanium with a round shape and 45 mm diameter and can last for 70 hours it is also a water resistance for 100 m and Breitling categories as luxury watches. 

2 . Rolex Cosmograph Daytona- Categorizes as one of the most expensive watches in Rolex, made in stainless steel with a solid round shape and a 40 mm diameter size and has 72 hours reserved and a capacity of 100 m water resistance.

3. Tudor Heritage Black Bay-  is one of the top picks for men’s watches made in stainless steel with a round shape of 41 mm diameter and it has 70 hours reserved with a 200 m water resistance capacity. The sports line of Tudor was known as Tudor black bay and it was created to become one of the best watches in the market.

4. Jaeger- LeCoultre- It began in 1931 it has rectangular and reversible details made in stainless steel with 27.4 mm diameters and it has a water resistance capacity of 3 bar. The color green shimmer on the strap has vibrant reflection under the sun. 

5. Oris – One of the collections of Switzerland watches, it has a stainless steel strap with an automatic movement it also has 41 mm diameter and water resistance for 300 m capacity.

6. Chopard Alpine Eagle Large- It was made in Switzerland with a 41 mm diameter and has a function of date window with a lucent steel case and power reserve that lasts up to 60 hours and water resistance 10 bar.

7. Seiko – The PADI timepiece collection is only available in Seiko, PADI means (The Professional Association of Diving Instructors) the most leading scuba divers in the world. It’s made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 45mm with a 70 hours power reserve and water resistance of 20 bar.

8. Girard-Perregaux – It has a lot of design to choose 1966 Automatic made in stainless steel with a 40mm diameter and 46 hours of power reserve with a water resistance of 3 bar and categories as one of the luxury watches in the world. 

9. Vacheron Constantin – A 265 years old watchmaker has now come in the 21st century hashtags “One of not many” of their business is not for mass production the newest model has a limited stock and it only has 30 pcs.

10. Tag Heuer – If the first water resistance watch with a square shape and the first automatic chronograph watch. It has an elegant black alligator strap with an automatic Heuer 02 movement and a power reserve of 80 hours and has a 39 mm diameter polished steel case and water resistance of 100m. 

11. Hamilton – An American Classic Intra-Matic Auto Chrono is a signature piece that has a sporty but classy look. Offers a 40 mm diameter made of stainless steel with a power reserve of 60 hours and water resistance of 100 m.

12. Hublot –The Swiss brand represents the art of Fusion in watches and also one of the most luxurious collections of women’s and men’s watches. Made in titanium and has a 42 mm diameter and a thickness of 12.80 mm and it has a water resistance that can last up to 30m, battery life for 1 day, and charging time up to 2 hours and 30 mins.

13.Ressence- It was made in Belgium it also had 44 gears and 47 jewels made by grade 5 titanium case with 44 mm diameters and a thickness of 13.5 mm and a water resistance of 3 bar. 


When technology began some people thought that vintage watches and old models are already out of style but not for the people who really know the best worth of watches, the best luxury watches would never go out of style.

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