How to Pressure Wash a Roof and Keep it Clean

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Did you know a roof replacement can cost up to $11,000? This is a large cost, but it can be avoided with regular maintenance. However, do you know how important cleaning a roof is to that process?

Many people choose to do this job themselves but can end up damaging the delicate structure. Read on for our must-know guide on how to pressure wash a roof. 

Importance of a Clean Roof

The main benefit of a clean roof is that it will improve the life span of the roof itself. Algae and fungus can set into the roof between shingles and allow moss to grow. The chemicals in moss and its roots can gradually work away at weakening the materials in the roof. 

Due to their dark pigmentation, these organisms can absorb heat. In large quantities, they can even impact your energy bills. A clean roof also improves the curb appeal of your home, making it more likely to sell. 

How to Pressure Wash a Roof Safely

Start by ensuring that you are safe. Place your ladder in a sturdy position, with someone holding it in place. Make sure you are wearing soft, non-slip shoes as you make your way onto the roof. 

As you climb the ladder, pull the pressure hose up with you. Start on the highest point of the roof and face away from the side where the ladder is situated. If you have a regular roof maintenance check in your schedule, do this now before you wet the roof surface. 

Washing the Roof

Start the pressure washer on its lowest setting, washing downwards. Wash over the shingles letting the water disperse so you are not damaging the seals. Pushing up toward the shingles will lift them up, loosening them and allowing water underneath. 

If you do need more force to remove mold and fungi, then increase gradually. Do the roof in sections, moving from the top to the bottom. Do this by working back to the ladder so that you are ensuring roof safety and not moving on top of wet shingles. 

Roof Cleaning Supplies

When purchasing roof cleaning supplies, you should keep in mind that you will not get the strength professionals have access to. For example, the bleach from a hardware store can only be purchased at around 6.5% strength. A professional will have access to chemicals almost double the strength. 

However, if you do still decide to do it yourself, then you can buy many of the ingredients to combine with the water wash. Algae, fire moss, and lichen are best tackled with strong Sodium Hypochlorite. This should be around 75% bleach to 25% water, decreasing for other, less harsh stains. 

Regular Washing

Now you know how to pressure wash a roof, add it to your regular maintenance schedule. It should ideally be done at least once per year, or at the end of summer and winter. Regular, professional maintenance will increase the life span of your roof. 

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