Top Gaming Companies – Ketchapp, Voodoo, Mangosteen LLC

Ketchapp, Voodoo, Mangosteen LLC

If you have a smart phone chances are you have played one of these companies games listed below.

If you haven’t well, you might want to check it out.

As Android is one of the biggest operating systems within the smartphone industry, it is no wonder there has been huge growth in the mobile sector from when the Android smartphone first launched in 2008.

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Let’s first take a look at the 5 QA companies that continues to grow steadily in the Google Play Store:

#1 – No question about this it’s Ketchapp. They are known for all their wacky hyper-casual games and have dominated the trending game list for many years. Though with cheaper costs to making games and a more open platform for marketing and opportunities – will they continue to hold rank in 2021? Let’s see what they can come with.

#2 – Voodoo – A France based company constantly that floods our timelines (on all social-media platforms) with fun and weird ads for us having the need to play their games. Super addictive and for sure one the coolest trend setters in the Google Play Store.

#3 – Mangosteen LLC – A really new up-comer here (2 year old company) – We have all played their games like Grass Cutter, Baseball Blast and the really addictive Human Sling. This Los Angeles Company has grown ridiculously fast and has managed to compete with the older gaming companies that have been around for more than 10 years. Their marketing is genius and they constantly use brands and big social media influencers to market their games. Will they continue to grow and take over the Google Play Store? Let’s see what happens.

#4 – TapNation – We know the famous ice cream game – Super pleasure, relaxing and fun. Apart from that game we haven’t played much from them but it’s a big HIT and to their credit it’s racked up millions of downloads. For sure a company is worth looking out for.

#5 – Lion Studios – Their games are unique with fun games relating to tattoo drawing, Icing on The Cake and the famous Happy Glass. They are also growing fast and we are all super excited to see what they can do in 2021.

This is the Top 5 picks that we think will do extremely well in the hyper-casual genre in the Google Play Store. Due to the pandemic the mobile gaming industry has grown like nothing before. To date the gaming industry is now 4 times bigger than the movie industry and 3 times the music industry. It’s exciting times especially for the hyper-casual world where the games have to be short and precise – what will these top 5 companies come up with next?

For sure Ketchapp, Voodoo, Mangosteen LLC, Tap Nation and Lion Studios will not disappoint and will be the industry leaders for years to come. If you would like to play any of these games listed above be sure to search the company names in the Google Play Store and support them!

Hyper-casual is one of those unique mobile gaming genres like never before so don’t be shy and share the love!

You download search all their games at

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