How Much Time Will it Take to Complete a Skill-Lync Course?

Skill-Lync, course fee structure

Skill-Lync is laced with a variety of courses for the training of different individuals in different aspects of the industry. Skill-Lync courses are of two types:-

  1. Individual Course
  2. Postgraduate course

 These courses are job oriented. It includes six modules or individual courses in a particular domain. For instance CMD, FEA, or design domain. This course can be generally completed in 8 months or 12 months.

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How will the Skill-Lync course help you to get the job?

Skill-Lync offers both Pg program and individual courses. When someone enrols in this course to design for manufacturing training, they are capable of accessing 6 different individual courses in a particular domain. Each course consists of 4 projects and 8 assignments. This is how the student has to complete 40 projects and 40 assignments to pass this course.

This course will cover all the theory and software skills that are necessary to apply while doing your job.

This course is so effective that it provides the ground idea of the projects that will go hand in hand in your job as well and will also teach you to deal with all the obstacles. With the help of this course, the student will not only work with traditional projects but also with industry-relevant projects.

Helps to prepare a Portfolio of the students

The students will get a chance to build their portfolios for resumes while working on the projects and assignments. A portfolio is the most important thing to get your first job. It includes the details of a person’s competencies that recruiters would like to hear about you. It includes your skills and abilities to do any job.

When any student enrols in the Skill-Lync PG program, they will get assistance to build their professional portfolio. A portfolio provides detailed information about an individual. They can also mention the projects they have completed during the course or internship.

Your profile will be public for everyone, and any recruiter can recruit you for a job based on the skills you mentioned in your portfolio. You can also attach the link to the portfolio to your resume to make it visible to your potential employers.

Fee structure of the skill-Lync course

Skill-Lync course is highly adaptive by the students pursuing their engineering in the mechanical branch. It’s a post-graduate program with top skills. Skill-Lync, course fee structure is around 30,000 to 3.5 lakh depending on the period of the course, which varies from 4 weeks to 48 months. The fee structure and duration of the course may vary as per the institution’s terms and conditions.


The post-graduate program of design for manufacturing training gives exposure to a wide range of topics and thorough knowledge of all the concepts of the course. Here, students will learn to approach real-world problems and solve them. With multiple mock-tool and technical tools, this course will make you job-ready for assistance with job interviews and feedback from future applications.

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