A Guide to Crypto Investments

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There are a few cryptocurrencies coming to the spotlight each year and some of them make amazing profits but it’s hard to find out which one will do so. Investing in crypto is a risky business but it gained wealth for many people which makes it very interesting. You can do it in a few ways and there isn’t a minimum that you can start with.

The 3 main ways to do it are through mining, buying coins, and NFTs. Nowadays, it’s very popular to invest in gaming and other companies related to blockchain technology like Metaverse. You can start with each one of them but it’s hard to assume that you’ll make profits in every segment.


Research the Right Way

Most people will use Google or YouTube to get informed when it comes to crypto but that’s probably the worse way to do it. They are a great opportunity to learn new things when it comes to this technology but no one will share the information that can make you rich without gaining something out of it. So, most people that promote a certain coin would have some investment in it.

Use these two platforms to inform yourself about new trends and what is expected in the near future. When it comes to getting the information that may change your life, you should start with certain discord or telegram groups. These groups should have some kind of proven record of their profits so you can see that they are on the right track.

Verify Everything You Find Out

No matter where you gained the information that may seem like a great investment idea, you should verify it with someone that is thinking about it also or has some information you don’t. The most common mistake people make is to invest before doing proper research or verification and they end up in the rug pull coin. This means that the people who made it would sell everything they own as soon as it gains some popularity and traction.

If you are into mining, always check the reputation of cloud mining websites or the equipment you would want to buy. Getting your own hardware isn’t as popular because the cloud has become a more profitable option if done properly. It may take a bit more money to make a good profit but at least you won’t have to maintain the hardware.

Small Investments Huge Gains

Most of the big investments that are done all over the world are in projects that have a small return percentage which usually is around 2%. The reason why it’s so small is how much risk are you taking and with some of them it’s very minimal. When it comes to crypto, every investment is very risky and you’ll need to be very patient with some of them.

Because the risks are huge, the investments should be minimal but multiple. Most people that have experience in crypto will tell you to spend more on BTC and Ethereum. This is a smart idea but there are a lot of opportunities you might be missing. Start with a few smaller investments in certain coins that have some kind of purpose.

These coins should be used for something or be in a game because they will be used and traded. How much they are being traded will influence the price so the technology and idea behind the coin matter a lot.

Be More Patient Than Others

One of the major differences the crypto world has compared to other markets is the inexperienced investors. When you are trying to make money on wall street, you will go against some of the top investing companies that have experienced people who will probably do everything to gain profit. So, it’s much easier to earn money in crypto compared to other markets especially if you become a part of it.

Because ordinary people are going into it thinking that it will make them rich, they are also pulling out money much faster than someone experienced would. Always have in mind that people will follow what they see on the news or a certain influencer. This happened when Elon Musk promoted Dogecoin which gained huge traction in a few days.

Jumping on the opportunity is also very important but verifying before investing is even more important. So, check the trend, verify, invest, and then wait for people to make their moves. Of course, this can also be very hard when you have a lot of people manipulating the market but there are a lot of examples where they made more good moves than bad.

Create a New Profile

Creating a new profile involves getting a new mail account which you will use to register your Binance account or any other platform used for trading or investing. You would want to have a separate profile that is crypto-related for everything you do including discord, Facebook, and other channels you might use.

This mail will be used for your new wallet and crypto gaming websites that also have a huge potential. The reason to do it is that you will have a lot of information on a daily basis and it’s much easier to manage it when you have everything in one place. You can also invest a bit more time into protecting these accounts.

Keep Up With Regulations

One of the problems that may happen in the near future is related to the regulations especially in the US because some of the most popular platforms are being targeted by the IRS and other institutions. Following their moves will give you enough information to know when to pull your money out before other people do.

Knowing something a minute before others can be of huge benefit for you because things are changing fast on the crypto market. Even on a daily basis, prices change up to 20% or more. It’s expected that governments all over the world will start looking more into cryptocurrencies and how to properly regulate them.

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