5 Things to Expect from an SEO Company in Washington DC

SEO company in Washington DC

The famed US capital, Washington DC, contains many of the government establishments of the country. In addition, it is also home to various businesses.

As new businesses pop up and expand, business owners of Washington DC are employing SEO companies to help with digital marketing campaigns.

Have you hired an SEO company in Washington DC for the first time? Here are a number of services you should expect from them.

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Keyword and Competitor Research

Before executing any marketing campaigns, an SEO company must first lay down the groundwork. Proper keyword and competitor research are necessary.

The SEO firm should correctly identify the most effective keywords to use. Campaigns will be highly successful with the use of appropriate keywords.

On the other hand, competitor research provides another set of data the firm can use. Your firm can find potential link opportunities and gauge compelling content topics. 

Website Audits and Analysis

Site audits are imperative to improve your website. From this audit, your SEO agency can pinpoint elements of the website that have room for improvement.

After auditing, it is expected for your agency to improve the website’s on-page SEO. The enhancement of user experience is also likely.

  • Content Audit

Of course, site audits include content audits as well. Your SEO company is expected to assess the quality of your published content. The SEO company will find strengths to enhance and weaknesses to work on. Relevant and quality content is vital to gain more organic searches.

  • Link Audit

In addition to content audits, link audits are also vital. Your website should have a significant number of backlinks to get organic searches. Your SEO team should also audit these backlinks. Link auditing will identify if you have spammy-looking links.

An extensive link audit will show your SEO team the type of links that are already built. In turn, your team will know which steps to take when starting a link-building campaign. 

Strategies for Your Campaigns

Relevant research and comprehensive site audits are useless if no clear SEO strategy is presented.

A research paper about SEO techniques for business websites states that the goal of SEO is to increase traffic to your site. Therefore, an SEO company in Washington DC needs to help its clients understand the strategies to help with this cause.

There may be times when the strategy must be tweaked and improved. As their client, you should be well-informed and up-to-date with these changes. 

Consistent Monitoring and Transparent Reporting

As with any relationship, communication is necessary. Your SEO company should practice transparency with results and any problems that may arise. Your SEO firm must monitor your site’s key performing indicators routinely.

They are expected to provide recommendations based on their finding. The firm is expected to make the necessary adjustments to its overall strategy. Reports about your marketing strategy’s performance are expected. The frequency of these reports depends on you, as the client.

SEO companies primarily provided monthly reports. However, you can ask for quarterly and semi-annual reports as well.

Actual Results

As a client of an SEO company in Washington DC, it is only right to expect results. You should get the most out of what you paid for. The SEO company will show the actual results of their SEO strategies and also make improvements in their techniques based on these results.

This article has listed the essential services expected from every SEO company. Of course, you can set your expectations but keep them realistic. SEO is complex. You cannot ask for immediate results because SEO campaigns take time. Instead, you want campaigns and strategies to be executed efficiently and effectively that will be beneficial for you in the long run.

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