emi jay hair clip
Claw clips are back in a big way -- and brands like Emi Jay and Chunks are driving the trend. While they’re often linked to a certain era or style, such as the '90s or early Aughts, they’re also being used to add a little pop to modern street...
Bella + Canvas
Starting and running a clothing brand is complex and requires many things to make it successful. Online wholesale distributors can help your brand by providing a way to get your clothing products into the hands of consumers faster, improving profit margins, and ensuring your inventory is always ready to...
poshmark 3b 277m
Poshmark recently raised $277 million through an IPO. The company is listed on the Nasdaq under the symbol "POSH." The company has a history of spending heavily on marketing. Last year, it spent $221 million on marketing, or two-thirds of its revenue. Though it slowed down marketing costs during...

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