Which sport has been played on the moon?


Both players and fans enjoy golf all around the globe. Golf is a game that requires precision and concentration. Professional athletes as well as amateurs compete throughout the year to win titles and prizes. Although golf is considered an easy game, not all golfers are good. You will need to use a club to hit the ball into the hole.

Golf Course
The fairway is the area where golf is played. A typical 18-hole course has 18 holes of golf. However, golfers can play through a 9-hole course twice to complete a game of 18 holes. Start a play by standing on the teeing area and aiming the ball at the putting green. This is the location of the flagsticks and the hole. It varies from one course to another. The distance from the teeing area to the hole will vary depending on which course you are playing. Many courses have holes that can be seen from the green. However, some angles may obscure the view from the green.

Question : Which sport has been played on the moon?

Answer : Golf

Amazon Carnival Edition Quiz Answers : Live Updates

Q1: Which is the National animal of Scotland?

Answer : Unicorn

Q2: What is Harry Potter’s owl’s name?

Answer : Hedwig

Q3: Which sport has been played on the moon?

Answer : Golf

Q4: Where was the first solid chocolate bar made?

Answer : The UK

Q5: What color is an aircraft’s black box?

Answer : Orange

Amazon OnePlus Hasselblad Quiz

Q1. The OnePlus 9 Series Cameras are co-developed with ____________

Answer. Hasselblad

Q2. Which was the first camera on the moon that was used by Neil Armstrong to capture the iconic photos of Man on the moon and the first step on the moon’s surface?

Answer. Hasselblad Data Camera (HDC)

Q3. Which of the below photos were captured by Hasselblad Cameras?

Answer. Both of the above

Q4. Hasselblad is renowned for its accurate and natural color. What is the name of Hasselblad’s color solution?

Answer. Hasselblad Natural Color Solution

Q5. Which camera was used to take the famous blue marble earth shot?

Answer. Hasselblad 500EL

Q6. Hasselblad hosts one of the most prestigious professional photographic competitions, giving acclaimed professionals and aspiring newcomers, the chance to make their mark in the world of photography. What are the awards called?

Answer. Hasselblad Masters

OPPO F19 Pro Series Quiz

Q1: Which is the video feature available in OPPO F19Pro+ 5G?

Answer : All the above

Q2: OPPO F19 Pro+ offer which Smart network connectivity

Answer : Both of the above

Q3: Which is battery feature available in OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G?

Answer : 50W Fast Charge

Q4: How much overall system lag will be reduced by OPPO System Performance Optimizer.

Answer : 18%

Q5: 5 minute charge of OPPO F19 Pro+ with 50W Flash Charge gives you ______ hours of video playback

Answer : 3.5 hours

Samsung Galaxy M12 Quiz Amazon

Q1: What is the Highest Resolution (Mega Pixel) of the main Camera ?

Answer : 48MP

Q2: How many Rear Camera are present in Galaxy M12?

Answer : 4

Q3: What nanometer processor powers Galaxy M12?

Answer : 8nm

Q4: What is the battery Capacity of Galaxy M12?

Answer : 6000mAh

Q5: What is the screen refresh rate of the Samsung Galaxy M12?

Answer : 90Hz

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