What To Do After You’ve Been Involved in a Rear-End Collision

Car accident involving two cars on the road

About six million car accidents occur in the US every year. While 27% of crashes result in non-fatal injuries, 72% result in serious property damage. You might struggle to prove your losses without help from experienced car accident attorneys.

Here are five steps to follow after you’re in a rear-end collision. Following these steps will help you gather the evidence you need.

Then, you can prove the other driver’s negligence caused the crash, your injuries, and any resulting property damage.

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Make your case. Follow these five steps after rear-end collisions to fight for the compensation you deserve.

1. Assess Injuries

About 20 to 50 million people suffer non-fatal injuries after they’re in a road crash. Many people develop long-term disabilities as well. If you’re in a rear-end collision, make sure to assess your injuries right away.

If you’re able to move, get to a safe area near the crash site. Otherwise, call for medical attention.

If you experience neck or back pain and move, it could do more harm than good.

Consider visiting a doctor after you’re clear to leave the scene of the crash. A doctor can create an official record of your injuries. The car accident lawyers you hire can use the doctor’s report to build your case.

Don’t neglect to visit a doctor. Otherwise, you could develop lasting disabilities. A lawyer might try to argue that you sustained your injuries another way.

2. Call the Police

Don’t leave the scene of the crash without calling the police. In some states, you’re obligated to file a police report after a crash. The official police report can help build your case.

The police will create a record of any injuries, property damage, and fatalities.

Make sure to get the officer’s name and badge number before leaving the crash site.

3. Gather Evidence

Before leaving, take the time to gather your evidence. Take photos or video footage of the crash site. Record footage of your injuries and any property damage to both vehicles, too.

4. Call Your Insurance Company

Don’t forget to call your insurance company. Start the process of filing a claim right away.

5. Hire a Lawyer

Take the time to find experienced car accident attorneys in your area. Look for a team with years of hands-on experience handling car accident cases. Try to find car accident lawyers that specialize in rear-end collisions, too.

Their prior experience could benefit your case.

You can find all the details relevant to rear-end crashes here. A lawyer will fight at your side to prove the other driver’s negligence caused the crash.

Make Your Case: What to Do After a Rear-End Collision

Don’t try to handle a rear-end collision on your own. Instead, follow these five steps immediately after a crash. Calling the police, a doctor, and a lawyer can benefit your case.

Then, you can gather the evidence you need to fight for compensation.

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