PC Components Available On PC Power Up Site

PC Components Available On PC Power Up Site

If you are interesting in gaming and decide to act and create your own gaming machine, then some question must appear in your mind. What is the greatest approach to pay out for gaming PC? What are the most important components, accessories and peripherals for the modern gamer?

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PC Power up site not only lists the best components you need to use, but also helps you build your gaming experience. For example, there is no point in recommending which cooler to buy for the processor.

Video Card:-

If you want to get the most beautiful, smoothed and absolutely stunning gaming experience, then there is nothing more important than a video card.

GFX cards range from “budget” cards, which, despite their cheapness, are graphically compatible with next generation consoles, to graphic monsters that support resolutions above 4K and are worth a tidy sum.

Make the most of your graphics card; no other component can interfere with its performance. Graphics cards are the most important engine in PC gaming; they are becoming more advanced, more and more people collect their own game monsters and the popularity of the PC as a gaming platform will increase.


Recently, AMD has taken over the lead from Intel, and as games increasingly rely on multi-core architectures, that lead continues. If you have a little money and over-clocking plans, then the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 is a great choice. But since not every user is ready to deal with over-clocking, you can look towards the Zen2 generation. Moreover, the new product turned out to be 20% more productive than its predecessor.

The difference in price, of course, is quite noticeable, but this is always the case with newcomers to the market. But, we cannot help but notice that the price has significantly decreased compared to the start of sales of Ryzen 5 3600 (initially you would have to part with 17,000 hard earned money). You can choose any stone that suits you best for your budget. All the same, not everyone is ready to exchange 40% of the initial cost of a weaker processor for 20% of performance.


If you settled on the Ryzen 5 3600, then the motherboard’s over-clocking capabilities should not interest you. All Zen 2 are perfectly over-clocked from the factory and home user over-clocking is impractical due to the fact that the performance gain is small, and the heat dissipation and power consumption become huge. Therefore, focus on the cooling system for the power supply circuits, the number of different slots and video outputs. Furthermore, do not spend extra money for 4 slots for RAM.

Over-clocking 4 strips of RAM paired with any last-generation red processor is almost impossible. If you make it, then the augment in frequency will be incredibly minute. Consequently, our preference is 2 slots for memory modules. That way we can even save some money. The following models are good choices:


ASRock B450M-HDV.


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