The Environmental Benefits of Owning an Electric Bike


Electric bikes are the hottest things on two wheels, with popularity across the United States steadily rising in recent years. In 2020, it is estimated that 437,000 electric bikes were sold, compared to 288,000 in 2019 and 263,000 in 2018. Projections for 2021 are for sales of 550,000.

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While motorized bicycles have been in use since the end of the 19th century, today’s modern e-bikes are truly revolutionizing the way we get around, especially in urban areas. In this blog post, we will highlight the environmental benefits of going green and purchasing an electric bike.

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Zero Emissions

Electric bikes are a clean form of transport in the sense that they do not produce any emissions.

In contrast, vehicles that run using gasoline produce carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, and contribute to air pollution. Electric bikes also do not create noise pollution, which is in stark contrast to cars and other vehicles.

Thankfully, steps are being taken to ban petrol and diesel cars in the coming years, with a greater focus on electric transport options.

If you charge your electric bike using solar energy, you will know that your transport method is 100% environmentally friendly.

Promote Sustainable Energy Sources

As with your house and car, the most efficient way to charge your electric bike is using solar energy. Compared to drawing energy from the grid, utilizing electricity from solar panels is more affordable and is a cleaner option.

Research shows that more and more homeowners in the US are planning to install solar panel systems on their property. The more electric bikes and cars that are purchased, the greater the incentive for people to invest in solar energy.

As solar energy is clean, abundant, and renewable, it is a wonderful way to protect the environment.

Protect Roads

Governments and local authorities spend huge amounts of public funds each year on road maintenance. Heavy transport options such as cars and jeeps cause frequent damage to roads which necessitates repairs.

Choosing to ride an electric bike helps to protect roads and divert government funds and resources to other areas.

Boost Personal Health and Fitness

We have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic how crowded public spaces can result in the spread of infectious diseases. Crowded trains and buses can be traded for electric bikes which allow greater space and comfort for people commuting to work.

In addition, electric bikes are a wonderful way to increase time outdoors and to exercise more frequently.

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Environmental Benefits of Owning an Electric Bike

If you are looking for a convenient, fun, and environmentally friendly transport option, then electric bikes are a great choice. The environmental benefits of using an electric bike are many, both in terms of protecting the planet and supporting positive change among society.

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