Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Challenges

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Challenges

The SOtTR Challenges render Lara abstraction from, erm, plundering tombs, and there are enough of them to work across distinct regions throughout the entire game. Some of them are pretty straightforward, while others substantiate to be real head-scratchers, particularly in scenarios when most of the objects you require are accumulated close together but the final one is obscured miles away. Don’t agonize your time away in brain-melting exasperation, by just following our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Challenges instructions if any of them have you stalled, just take a look:

High Diving (Peruvian Jungle)

As everyone who enjoys videogames loves a  big dive. Recall when Lara was swan diving around on Sega Saturn and PlayStation and yes you can also relieve those good moments, not only once or twice, but four times in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This challenge requires you to swan dive from four high points. Just be sure that you actually swan dive. For doing that, take a jump and then push B or circle promptly. For doing that,  simply take a look at steps as mentioned underneath:

  1. Instantly after you accomplish the grappling line sequence under the cliffs after the proceeding of the Eagle, you’ll acquire the prompt for a swan dive when you just appear from the cave. Simply be clear that it’s run, jump, and push B/Circle expeditiously after jumping. Lara (the character) should execute a very magnificent swan dive into the water below.
  2. After recovering the Champion’s Bow in the King’s Horn sidequest in Paititi, there’s an instant to perform this dive as you come back to the village, outside the access to the abandoned village crypt.
  3. Now on the room top where the Temple Base Camp is positioned, it’s quite easy to move to the top of the room, and even simpler to swan dive then down again.
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