Top Air Conditioner Brands in India in Your Budget

Top Air Conditioner Brands in India
Top Air Conditioner Brands in India

A cooler and more comfortable environment is the only thing that you desire in the summer season. But, without an air conditioner, you cannot create that environment. Nowadays, the AC price has become affordable due to the competitive market. 

The AC market in India has a number of brands. From Voltas AC to LG AC, there are several choices for you. However, it is better to know about the best AC brands providing you with cost-effective solutions.

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Voltas AC

Voltas Limited is one of the oldest brands known for high-quality cooling technology and air conditioners. The brand has covered more than 20% of the AC sales in the present Indian market. Voltas AC is available for both commercial and residential purposes at the most reasonable rate. Voltas has integrated the latest technologies into both the window and split AC. Voltas AC models include rotary compressors, copper condensers, hydrophilic fins, and eco-friendly refrigerants. You will also find the dehumidification mode and Turbo cool mode. To ensure comfort cooling

LG air conditioner

LG is one of the prominent AC brands, as almost two-thirds of consumers use the AC from this brand. In India, LG has manufacturing units in Noida and Pune. The inverter-based AC from LG is available at a reasonable rate. The Himalaya cool technology keeps you away from the sweltering heat. The HCOOL mode becomes activated by clicking a button. Another noticeable feature is the Monsoon comfort technology, which lowers indoor air humidity. 

Moreover, to take advantage of Smart ThinQ technology, you have to download the ThinQ app. Furthermore, the split ACs from this brand have multiple filters. LG ACs also kill moisture in your room without applying harmful chemicals. As we can see, its feature-rich AC and this AC price is not high even though

Hitachi AC

Hitachi is a Japanese brand with a good market share in India. Higher energy efficiency, versatility, and innovation- these are major reasons for buying Hitachi ACs. Hitachi is one of the strongest competitors of Voltas and LG. The qualified team of engineers has integrated iSee and iSense technologies into the air conditioners. The advanced sensor technology detects how many persons are present in your room. Based on this data, the system cools your room. Moreover, the Hitachi air conditioners are controllable from your smartphone, as you can connect them with Wi-Fi.

Llyod AC

Although you can find Llyod ACs in the market, the brand has been acquired by Havells. The brand manufactures heavy-duty ACs with high cooling capacity. Like other advanced cooling appliances, you can find the wireless AC controlling feature. You can use the remote app to turn on-off the AC. The temperature settings are also adjustable from the app. The Rapid Cooling technology makes your room cool within 2 minutes. The brushless DC motor is another feature of Llyod ACs. Moreover, you will find rotary compressors and high-quality inverter technology.

Blue Star

Blue Star is a highly reputable brand in the Indian AC market. However, this brand is also known for manufacturing refrigerators. For the precision cooling technology, the brand has added different sensors, like ambient sensor DLT sensor, evaporator coil sensor, and condenser coil sensor. Some Blue Star ACs also have a 2-way swing blade system to spread the cool air inside your room. However, you can choose 5-star inverter-based Blue Star air conditioners. The 4D swing functionality blows the cool air in different directions. You can alter the air-flowing directions based on your needs. Blue Star ACs are affordable options for your air conditioning needs.

Mitsubishi AC

The term- Mitsubishi may remind you of the Mitsubishi cars. However, this brand has gained a reputation as an AC manufacturer. You can find reliable and affordable Mitsubishi ACs with a range of features. Moreover, the LCD remote controls have easily interpretable buttons to increase and decrease the temperature level. The error codes enable the technician to identify the problem for an easier solution. The integrated nano platinum filters are capable of filtering small dust particles. Moreover, there is an electrostatic filter to remove allergens from the air. The special filter also deodorizes the air.

Daikin AC

Daikin is another Japanese brand manufacturing AC models. The latest ACs from Daikin are compliant with international standards. There is no noise issue with the Daikin AC. Moreover, the brand has designed the ACs in a way that consumes a limited amount of power. The best fact is that you will get a 2-in-1 solution. A single unit is capable of working as both cooling and heating systems. Thus, you will save money by investing in this model. Moreover, the presence of titanium filters makes the air odor-free and germ-free.

To buy any of these cost-effective ACs, you can choose the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Use the EMI Network Card to make your purchase. 

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