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Lyubov Tolkalina was born on February 16, 1978 in the village of Savvatma, Ryazan region. Father – Nikolai Tolkalin, worked as a furrier. Mother, Tatyana Tolkalina, originally from Chimkent, moved to the capital, where she got a job as a social worker: she looked after the disabled and the blind.

Lyubov Tolkalina: “I was born in the village of Savvatma, Ryazan region. In order for mom to get stronger and healthier in the fresh air before giving birth, dad brought her there to his parents. But I decided to be born a little earlier than they expected “
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As a child, the future actress was enthusiastically engaged in synchronized swimming, dreamed of becoming a coach. In this field, she achieved good success, becoming a master of sports.

In the pool, she was looked after by the creators of an advertising video promoting luxury plumbing and a jacuzzi to the market. One of the creators of the video immediately confessed his love for her.

When it turned out that he was studying at VGIK, the future star decided to enter the same place. Having overcome a huge competition, she became a student in the workshop of Alexei Batalov.

During her studies, Tolkalina met her future husband Yegor Konchalovsky, who is 12 years older than her, at VGIK. At the time, he was dating her friend.

Lyubov Tolkalina: “Egor was wildly popular with girls. He is very well brought up: he says compliments to women, is gallant, smiling, keeps himself beautifully, walks, dresses. And all women – without exaggeration – come under the pressure of his charm. Yegor had a lot of girls, and he introduced everyone to his mother, Natalya Arinbasarova. But, apparently, I became the one on whom my current mother-in-law, wise by experience, had high hopes. “
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After a short romance, Lyubov and Yegor began to live together in a civil marriage. On June 5, 2001, their daughter Maria was born.

Lyubov Tolkalina: “I probably made a very correct step when I gave birth to a child to Yegor. After we had Masha, he somehow fantastically transformed. As soon as tension arises between us, and a daughter appears next to us, the storm passes by. “
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From 1999 to 2003, Lyubov served in the Theater of the Russian Army, playing in the performances: “Ivanov”, “Khanuma”, “Othello” and “OSCAR”.

The most popular actress brought shooting in several commercials, as well as roles in Yegor Konchalovsky’s action films “Antikiller” and “Antikiller 2”.

In 2004, the star starred in the comedy “Listener”, in the TV movie “Games for Adult Girls” (she plays a surrogate mother there), in the melodrama “I Love You” about the complexities of free love, in the television series “Sins of the Fathers” (as the owner of a gambling house , glamorous lady) and “Traders” – where she plays a gifted musician.

Since 2005, Tolkalina has been actively acting in films. She played in such films and TV series as: “Escape” (2005), “My General” (2006), “Canned Food” (2007), “Kisses of the Fallen Angels” (2007), “Caucasus” (2007), “Photographer “(2008),” Once in the province “(2008),” Forbidden reality “(2009),” Bride at any cost “(2009),” Sakura jam “(2010),” Travelers 2 “(2010),” Capital sin ”(2010),“ Everyone has their own war ”(2010),“ Zhukov ”(2010),“ Further love ”(2010),“ Moscow, I love you! ”(2010),“ Until the night part ”(2012),“ Cordon of Investigator Savelyev ”(2012),“ Find a husband in the big city ”(2013),“ Tamarka ”(2013),“ Stronger than fate ”(2014), “Angelica” (2014), “The Batagami Case” (2014), “Puzany” (2014) “Your World” (2012), “Priest-San” (2014), “Confessions of a nerd” (2014), “Eternal Cold” (coming out in 2015) and many others. dr.

In 2010, Tolkalina, together with the Olympic champion Alexei Tikhonov, participated in the Ice and Fire project of Channel One, but due to a knee injury and a broken toe she was forced to leave the project.

Lyubov Tolkalina: “If your finger is broken and you are skating, then in the skate such a fracture is not felt so strongly. But dancing (and all the numbers on the dance floor were staged in the modern style – that is, either in soft shoes or barefoot) with such an injury is almost impossible. On the third day, I realized that I can hardly walk, despite the injections of anesthetic before rehearsals … “The
quote is taken from the magazine” “No. 03 (March 2015)

In 2015, Tolkalina, together with dancer Vadim Lyubushkin, took part in the show “Dancing with the Stars” on the TV channel “Russia-1”.

In 2016, Lyubov created the cultural space, the Cathedral Theater, where she is simultaneously an actress, producer, artistic director and director.

“Our theater“ Cathedral ”is unique, the stage space does not allow us to build scenery, the hall has only 40 seats …“ But the scenery can be drawn, ”we thought. Masha was appointed head of video art and video mapping (3D projection onto an object, taking into account its geometry. – Ed.), Which is so fashionable in modern theater. Her graphics fit perfectly. The daughter created the scenery for several performances, ”said Lyubov Tolkalina in an interview with the magazine “Game of Thrones S08E03 Torrent

In 2017, Lyubov Tolkalina announced that she had parted with Yegor Konchalovsky after more than 20 years of civil marriage.

“Egor saw the world, graduated from Oxford. And then suddenly he stopped learning something new. I sat on the third floor of my summer cottage – that’s all, ”Tolkalina explained.

In 2018, the actress played the role of Evdokia Fyodorovna Lopukhina in the performance of the Cathedral Theater “The Last Russian Tsarina”, and in 2019 she performed the main role in the production of “The Snow Queen”.

In January 2020, Lyubov Tolkalina declassified her new chosen one – British composer Simon Ross. In March of the same year, Lyubov announced that she had married an Englishman.

In the same year, the artist starred in a fantasy film directed by Natalya Lebedeva “Theodosia’s Tale”, and also played one of the main roles in the comedy “Very Women’s Stories”.


▪ Master of Sports in Synchronized Swimming


▪ Laureate of the national award for public recognition of women’s achievements “Olympia” of the Russian Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship (2008)

A family

First spouse (civil marriage) – Yegor Konchalovsky, director (broke up in 2009, officially announced the separation in 2017)
Daughter – Maria Mikhalkova-Konchalovskaya, (born June 5, 2001)
Second spouse – Simon Ross, British composer ( Tolkalina announced her marriage in March 2020)

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