Cross necklace – religious symbol or accessory?


Jewelery has long been a way for people to show their social standing, religious convictions, or financial security. Symbolic components, especially religious ones, are no longer always associated with the original meaning with which they were intended. These things, once sacred, have been transformed into aesthetic pieces and can now be interpreted in any way the user chooses. Jewelry adorned with crosses is a stunning illustration of this transition. Despite the fact that they retain the significance of Christianity’s most iconic emblem, these works can be interpreted in a variety of ways without offending anyone.

A cross as a religious symbol

During the baptismal rite, a cross is presented to the participant. The church mandates that it be worn all the time, no matter what. A cross, on the other hand, is a personal object that should not be exposed. The recommendation is for people to wear it under their clothes.

In that vein, a cross pendant looks best paired with modest attire. If someone has been baptized, then they must have achieved this level of spirituality. Clothing for such a person should be understated and not draw attention to themselves. As a result, matching certain pieces of jewelry with your wardrobe is a no-no.

Crosses should be as small as possible. As a symbol of religion and spirituality, it is not an ornament in the religious world. This is why it is important that it is not too big or noticeable when worn under garments. To wear a cross on one’s attire is only permitted for priests.

Any metal or even wood can be used to create a cross necklace. In most cases, a cross is attached to a particular wire or chain. Jesus is represented by the cross’s front face.

Jewelry made from a cross

Even if you’re not religious, it’s extremely usual to wear a cross or rosary these days. An conventional piece of jewelry, a cross has no sacramental significance in this instance. The crucifix is absent from these crosses, making them distinct from church crosses. Many different types of stones and metals can be used to create these crosses. Rockers, bikers, goths, and other informal subcultures all use cross necklaces as a fashion statement.

These decorations, in contrast to crucifixes, are worn barefoot. Pendants can be worn by men with unbuttoned shirts or on their chests. The area of deep cleavage is where most women install these kinds of embellished crosses. Clothing is not an issue in this scenario.

As a result, throughout the last few decades, the cross has taken on a new significance. As a symbol that may be used in a variety of contexts, it has become an iconic one. Whether you prefer a dark gothic or opulent royal design, or just want a chic piece to wear on a regular basis, a stylish cross pendant will do the trick.

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