Common Problems with Carpets and How to Fix Them

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Do you have stains on your carpet? That smell that won’t go away? Dents, wear, and tears, or maybe all these problems at once? You probably just want to get a carpet removal company to get it off your back as soon as possible or just hassle and tassel till you remove it yourself.  Carpet maintenance, though rewarding in the long run, may seem very difficult. But doing away with them may not always be the answer. But when it gets to a point where you have to take upon carpet removal, then it would be nice to seek professional help. The benefits of carpeting are way more than the cons; from insulation to comfort and interior decoration.

Most of the problems we face with carpets have solutions you can do yourself or with the help of a professional, which will save you a fair amount of money compared to carpet replacement. Below are the most common problems carpet owners, such as in offices and homes have had to deal with and how to fix them:

Split Seams and Peaks

Improper installation, poor quality, and heavy foot traffic can all lead to seam splitting of your carpet.  Any seams can be fixed whether open, visible, or frayed. You can achieve this without attempting carpet removal, which can be very hectic.

Fix frayed seams using a glue gun. Snip any of the frayed edges, apply the glue in the gap and hold the two pieces together. Avoid getting any glue on the fibers. For a split seam, remove the old seaming tape and put a new one well to fit the split area, and hold firmly so that it adheres.

Static Electricity

Your body picks up static electricity as you walk on your carpet or rugs. This can give off very annoying shocks. Low temperature and humidity greatly contribute to this.

There are anti-static sprays which you can get from your carpet store. Use that to reduce the shock. Indoor plants can also help to lessen the static charge by increasing the humidity levels naturally.

Carpet Dents and Flattening

Placing furniture over damp carpeting causes stains to form on the carpets. In addition, they may form dents whether the carpet was damp or not.

Steam cleaning helps you remove the indentations effortlessly.  You can also use ice cubes on the affected areas. Let the ice melt for up to 12 hours or so. Blot the excess water and finally use a coin or spoon to lift the fibers back in place.

Carpet Stains and Smells

Getting stains on carpets is inevitable. Instead of opting for carpet removal and taking them to get washed, you can use homemade remedies such as combining vinegar (a natural disinfectant) and basic soda (a powerful alkaline solution and has natural absorbing properties) to remove the stains and smell.

Alternatively, use tested carpet stain removers from the stores or get help from a professional. Most offer pocket-friendly prices and discounts you can take advantage of.

Rapid Wicking and Re-Soiling

Rapid re-soiling and wicking can cause re-spotting of the carpet. This mostly occurs after cleaning the carpet causing most to be afraid of getting their carpets cleaned. Wicking, caused by stains trapped below keep making their way back from the bottom to the surface after cleaning while re-soiling (becoming visibly dirty just after cleaning) occurs due to poor products or a soapy detergent that has left a residue behind not easily rinsed out of the carpet.

Make sure to dry off the surface completely after cleaning using a vacuum cleaner or blotting cloth and before cleaning, make sure you have the right products. Alternatively, get professional help that guarantees you good results.

Carpet Buckling and Ripples Can Necessitate Carpet Removal

Wondering why your new wall-to-wall carpet looks wrinkled already or appears to have waves rising from the surface? Poor installation of carpets, dragging heavy items on the carpet, and constant change in the humidity can cause the rippling effect you see on your carpet. This is known as carpet buckling.

The installer should stretch the carpet tightly enough during installation using a power stretcher to reduce the chances of buckling. If this occurs due to humidity and to reduce the chances of happening in the future, run the air conditioner during the summer months or a dehumidifier to draw moisture consequently out of your carpet. In addition, try to lift your furniture rather than dragging them along the carpet. You can fix ripples yourself by using a carpet stretcher to pull them right into the crease of the walls and avoid carpet removal.

Final Thoughts

Carpets are an important aspect of a house’s decor. Most buyers would love their carpets to last for years before going for carpet removal. On that note, Just like cars, to get the maximum value of your carpet and to have it last long, ensure you give it proper maintenance through different methods. Such include vacuuming your carpet at least twice a week using one with efficient airflow and large wheels to avoid damaging the fiber, addressing spills immediately, and clipping snags instead of pulling them. Get a professional carpet cleaning company as well to provide the proper maintenance for your carpet to last long. This will help you avoid carpet removal. But if you can’t avoid it, then get the right pros to help you out.

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