5 Toys You Should Get for Your Indoor Cat in 2021

cat shelves

Cat toys are essential to your cat’s happiness and well-being. They can be smug and bored naturally so you must provide them with stimulating entertainment to busy their lives. This can be easily done with cat toys. 

Cat toys offer your cat an opportunity to play and exercise while providing them with the stimulation they require to remain happy and healthy. A bored cat can quickly become unhappy and overweight, just like any of us humans who find ourselves bored and inactive occasionally. 

Providing your feline with stimulation is a great way to help keep them active and fit. Providing stimulation is particularly important for older cats, as they may become tired with the repetitive nature of moving and climbing on the furniture or low shelves.

Where Do You Place Cat Toys? 

Before shopping for cat toys, it is important to consider where to place them so your home doesn’t get scattered or disorganized. A good option is to place them on the cat shelves. You can get creative and hang the toys so your cat can play with them while jumping around. 

There are many designs of cat shelves like wall-mounted bridges, lounge or canopy shelves with a foliage cover. Your cat toys can be displayed around the shelves so your cat can play with them anytime it wants. With that out of the way, let’s look at some examples of toys your cat would appreciate. 

Electric Moving Interactive Fish 

The electric-moving interactive fish toy is a unique and creative creation. While it certainly looks like a catnip-stuffed fish, it is powered by a small electronic motor which makes this toy extremely realistic. Cats love playing with this toy, as it motivates them to use their imagination, and explore the world around them, as well as interact with their environment. 

It is important to realize, though, that this particular cat toy was designed for cats who are highly stimulated, creative, imaginative, and innovative. If your cat does not have one of these characteristics, then you might want to look at other cat toy options. 

If you are looking for a toy that inspires creativity and encourages learning, then the Electric Moving Interactive Fish Toy is the toy for your cat, It is the perfect solution for any bored, inquisitive cat. 

Wool Felt Ball Toys

If you or your cat are not a fan of noisy play items then this is the best option for you. Besides, wool acts as a great insulator and keeps your pet nice and warm during the cold winter months.

The wool feels great on your pet’s skin, and the combination of softness and heat is very comfortable for them. Cats love being able to roll the balls around while scratching with their claways. Wool felt balls make great cat toys because it is easy to play with, cheap and big enough so it and doesn’t get swallowed or lost cat bedding.

Three-Level Roller Cat Toy

A Three-Level Roller Coaster is a great way to get your cat busy for hours. The movement of the balls mimics that of prey so your cat would have a field time trying to chase or grab them with its claws. It’s safe, sturdy, and has attachments that make this a super-safe plaything for your cat.

Electric Flutter Rotating Cat Teaser

An electric flutter rotating cat teaser can keep your cat playing for hours as it relentlessly tries to chase the moving feathers. The cat teaser can be decorated with other items like plastic butterflies or even fish-shaped items. The feathers have a variety of colors. This item comes with extra parts that are easily replaceable in case your cats get too excited and shreds some parts. 

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying Cat Toys

If you choose to buy a toy for your feline friend, be sure that it is of high quality. If you are shopping at the local pet store or an online website, look for reviews by other pet owners as well as the cost.

You will most likely spend more money if you buy better quality but it would be would last longer. Avoid toys that have tiny easily removable parts that can be a choking hazard. 


Whether you provide your cat with cat toys that they can climb and jump on, or play with them and give them the proper stimulation they require, make sure you use appropriate toys that promote your cats’ innate instinct to hunt and eat. 

Cats love to hunt, so make sure you include hunting cats’ toys in your cat’s playthings collection. The best type of hunting cat toys are those that allow you to simulate the activity of hunting with them. Make sure the toys encourage natural predatory behaviors, such as stalking, pouncing, and chasing.

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