Going Beyond Primary School Fees in Singapore – How Can You Prepare Your Little Ones for School Admission?

primary school fees in Singapore

Preparing your little ones for school admission is a very essential task for all parents. And it is necessary to prepare them thoroughly. It would be very new for your child and may even be difficult for them to adapt. So, preparing them at home will help them to blend into the environment easily. 

But do you know how to prepare your child for admission? There’s no need to worry as this blog will guide you. Let us show you the easiest way to prepare your kids for admission at home.

The easiest way of preparing your child for school admission is overlooking the primary school fees in Singapore.

The Easiest Way To Prepare Your Little Ones for School Admission

1. Emotional Preparation 

Both you and your child will have to get familiar with the new environment before the school starts. And it is the most important part for your child. As they have always been at home and pampered all the time. However, the school will be a new place for them. And even a place where they can meet new people. You can take your child for a school visit and let them get familiarized with the environment and even with the people around. 

2. Help your child learn essential social skills

Your child is ready for secondary school in Singapore if they have learned enough skills to socialize with other kids. Your child needs to understand the importance of give and take, taking turns in conversation, sharing their things with others, and inviting others to join in. Your child must also be aware of the behaviour that needs to be conducted in the class. 

Like raising their hand when in doubt, asking for permission to drink water or to go to the toilet, etc. You can help your child learn these skills at home in a fun way if they are unaware. You may act like a teacher and instruct them in the practice of asking for permission.

3. Help them to learn some basic skills

Apart from the above social skills, your child must be good with all the needed basic skills. Your child must be able to eat independently. Help them to use the toilet by themselves at home which will help them immensely in school. Your child must be able to take care of themselves, such as washing their dirty hands and cleaning themselves up after playing in the mud, sand, etc. These basic skills will help them to adapt to the school quickly. 

4. Help them to get a head start on their academics 

To keep them up with academics, you must help your child to get a head start at home. You can read them storybooks and introduce them to the letters. That would help them become familiar with the letters. You can teach them some words that are used daily. It will help your kids become familiar with learning. So, this will make them happy to go to school every day and even enjoy learning.

You Can Opt For Dynamic Ways To Prepare Your Child For Admission To Secondary School In Singapore

The admission process and even the secondary and primary school fees in Singapore vary from school to school. However, your child needs to prepare for any situation. And it might get challenging for your child to stay put with the preparations sometimes. But you can rest assured and help your kids to prepare for admission in dynamic ways. 

Are you wondering what these dynamic ways are? Let us guide you through the points listed below that will help your child prepare for admission to secondary school in Singapore. 

1. Prepare a list of schools to find out secondary and primary school fees in Singapore

You should always start by making a list of schools. While making the list, you may find out how different your opinions are from those of your kids. So, you can include all the schools you and your child want to look through. And you can also add some other secondary schools to the list as a backup. After preparing the list, you should go through every detail that may help you decide which school to apply to.

2. Schedule a school visit with your child

Going through all the details on the school website is not enough to know the school. You can schedule a school visit with your child to get to know the school better. It will help your child get a better look at the school and even help you understand the environment. It is best to look at everything and see if there is anything that may hinder your child’s education.

3. Get to know the school

Getting counseling from a counselor at a secondary school in Singapore will help you understand the school better. You will be able to learn the methods the school uses for the betterment of their students. You must go through the school curriculum, which you can find the details of here. You must pay attention to all the educational activities conducted in the school. Those activities will increase your child’s potential immensely. 

4. Complete the registration

It will be easier for your child and you to choose the best school to take admission after a school trip and counseling. The next step that you need to consider is registration. But before you proceed with registration, you must know that some secondary schools ask students to fill out the scholarship form while registering. So, in such a situation, your child must also prepare for the scholarship. Apart from this, your child needs to fill out the application form to complete the admission process. 


Preparing for admission and even the secondary & primary school fees in Singapore is difficult for the children and the parents. Choosing a school that will help your child to flourish and grow beyond expectations comes with challenges. However, getting selected for the chosen school is a reward for your child’s thorough preparation and your determination as a parent. 

If you need any other assistance in preparing your child for admission, you can call the concerned person at Global Indian International School.

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