Paw Patrol: A Series Worth Watching If You Haven’t Already

paw patrol

TV series act as one of the major helps when it comes to entertaining people. The genre is wide and there is countless series in each genre. The biggest myth about animated movies/series is that they are made for kids. There is a large number of animated movies/series that are equally appealing to people other than kids. One such popular series is paw patrol.

In this article, we are going to discuss this series in detail. There is nothing to worry about as we won’t discuss the plot or spoilers in any form. This article is intended to provide the necessary information to give you an overview of the series.

A brief introduction to Paw Patrol series

It is an animated TV series from Canada. The director of this series is Keith Chapman. There are 7 seasons of this series comprising of total of 182 episodes. The Guru Studios and Spin Master Entertainment produced this series jointly. It is aired in Canada through TVOKids while the broadcasting is done via Nickelodeon in the US. People love to watch this series because of the humor and engagement. The short episodes that are usually 22-23 minutes long are praised by a large number of people around the world.

In earlier days, some episodes were released in 480p format but after some time, they started releasing all the episodes in 1080p format. The main distributor of Paw Patrol in the US is ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks while Elevation Pictures distributes it in Canada.

The first episode of this series was released on August 12, 2013. And it has been a sensation since then. The popularity of this show is the only reason that makes a large number of people search for paw patrol png on the internet.

An overview of the story

In this section, we will give you an overview of the story. This is just to make you aware of the series as a whole and nothing more than that. The story of this series revolves around a boy who runs a search and rescue operation for dogs. The dogs that he is concerned about call themselves PAW Patrol.

The members of PAW Patrol are unique in themselves. Every member of that group has specific jobs like that of a firefighter, pilot, police officer, etc. And the doghouses where these dogs reside can be easily transformed into vehicles. These dogs use vehicles to move from one place to another. Every dog member has a backpack that contains the tools for performing their specific jobs.

Now that you have got an overview of the series, it is time to know a bit about the characters in this series. We are going to talk about the major characters of this series.


Skye is a quite popular character in this series. This popularity can be seen easily by looking at the number of people who search for skye paw patrol on the internet. She is the first female member of this series. Her name is listed as one of the protagonists of this TV series which makes her even more popular.

Her main job includes keeping track of the situations from above so that she could know about emergency services that arrive uninvited. She performs this job using a helicopter. Her helicopter always has hooks so that she can take care of people on the ground or any other ground transportation emergency.


Chase is also among the main protagonists of this series. He is considered the second member of the paw patrol team. Initially, he was a police and traffic cop but after some time but established himself as a super-spy dog right from the second season.

The main purpose of this dog is to maintain normalcy in the environment. In case, everything is normal in the surrounding, he tracks missing animals and he has special spy gear to track those missing animals. The fans are always looking for something new about chase paw patrol because he is one of the most mature characters of this series.


Marshall is the third member of the group Paw Patrol. Of all the characters that we have discussed so far, he is the most irresponsible and clumsy one. His main job includes firefighting. When he is not doing it, he performs the job of a medic. Marshall is quite famous for hurting himself because of his carelessness. Despite such disadvantages, he is always able to help other members in the time of need.

He is a character that brings a moment of relief to the people watching this series. Only because of this quality, people are always excited about paw patrol marshall.

Final words

We hope this article helped you a lot in getting to know about the paw patrol series. Such a piece of information is vital in helping you make the final decision of whether you should watch it or not.

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