What Are the Top 5 Microsoft Products?

Do you follow Microsoft trends? Do you have a collection of Xbox games that sit proudly on your shelves at home?

No matter how you’ve interacted with the software giant during your life, there’s plenty of innovations to celebrate.

The most popular Microsoft products have changed the way that we interact with computers at home and work.

Why not take the time to celebrate the best of the best? Which Microsoft products do you need in your life? Continue reading to find out!

buy modafinil com 1. Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 launched on November 22, 2005, in North America and cemented Microsoft as a gaming company. While the PlayStation 3 launched at a much higher price point and struggled, the team from Redmond made significant gains in the marketplace. The original Xbox deserves praise, but it did not get close to the level of success that the next generation enjoyed. 

São Paulo 2. Microsoft Teams

Teams might be the most desirable work collaboration tool available today. At the very least, this software is one of the must-have 2021 Microsoft products. 

Companies that utilize this tool to the max find that it’s easy to use and its integration with Office 365 only adds more value. More apps become available each month that give distant employees the power to work like they’re sitting right next to you. You can learn to install Microsoft Teams in a few minutes and save yourself thousands of hours of productivity you would have lost otherwise!

mail order Pregabalin 3. Windows XP

While Windows 95 undoubtedly revolutionized how we interact with PCs, XP perfected how we think about GUI interfaces. 

Additionally, this operating system introduced key advancements without making a big show out of their implementation. Plug-and-play configuration, network drivers, and early user access control quietly changed what we expect from software forever. 

Bhadaur 4. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure represents one of the company’s most innovative offerings in the last decade.

As the cloud revolution started in the 2010s, they created a strong cloud product with highly competitive pricing. While Amazon Web Services remains a gigantic player in the market, they could have a monopoly if Microsoft hadn’t made efforts to encourage adoption among everyday users.

5. Microsoft Office

The first version of Microsoft Office found its way to computers on November 19, 1990. The release of this software changed how offices work in ways that continue to impact our lives today.

Microsoft Office is the gold standard for creating documents, generating reports, and emailing customers. Now that it has found its way into a cloud offering, businesses have more flexibility than ever to get things done. 

Need More Information About Microsoft Products?

Ranking Microsoft products is a subjective exercise, but it’s always one that can change how we see the company. We all can take the innovations they’ve contributed since the earliest days of home computers for granted. But, that’s all the more reason to take some time to recognize their contributions!

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