The Warning Signs That Your TV Antenna Needs Repair In the age of over-expensive subscription services and high-cost cable packages, many people around the world have stuck with or returned to antenna-based television to watch live television.

96ef38ca76e0ca09762c5815a55dc5fa TV antennas provide a much more affordable way to catch some of your favorite programs, however, they also tend to run into problems that may be a little more physical in nature. If you’re getting bad reception on your television, it may be a seen that your TV antenna needs repair.

How can you diagnose these reception problems and what should you do if repair is really needed? Read on and we’ll walk you through the basics.

Signal Search Doesn’t Stop

As you know, sometimes when you turn on your television, it takes a moment for the television to connect with a signal and bring up the channels that are available at your location. Generally speaking, the search duration can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

However, if you’ve left your television searching and it’s been an hour or more and it still hasn’t connected? That’s a pretty sure sign that something, somewhere, isn’t working the way that it should.

A failure to connect with any signal whatsoever means that for some reason, your antenna isn’t able to do the job. Something might be interrupting the signal strength or the antenna itself might be faulty.

That sort of bad connection isn’t likely to go away on its own and you’ll need to take the time to rectify the situation when you can.

It should go without saying, but if you turn your television on and can’t get the signal searching feature to pop up at all, that’s not a good sign either. Complete dead air is not a good indication that your antenna is working, as you could probably reason yourself.

Disappearing TV Channels

What happens if you can get a few channels, but some seem to drop off and never return? This is another indication that there might be some serious issues with your current television antenna.

If you restart your system and still can’t get your favorite channels back, that’s a strong indication that there is something amiss. Even if you try and disconnect your antenna and reconnect it (a worthy cause!) it still likely won’t rectify this kind of issue.

That means you’ll be left facing the reality of not catching up with your favorite shows or live programming. Calling your service provider in this instance won’t help, as it is likely an issue with your antenna itself and not the service itself.

You’ll need to fix the antenna to get these channels back, but we’ll get into all of that soon enough.

Your Antenna Appears Damaged

If you climb up on your roof or head where ever your antenna is located and notice that it appears physically damaged, that’s about as sure of a sign as there can be that you’ll need repair.

An antenna is a sensitive piece of equipment and even a small amount of damage done to it might be enough to prevent it from functioning as it should.

Doing an inspection of the antenna itself can help you to determine where and why things went south. Does it still have all its components, or are some pieces fully missing? Where is the damage located and how bad does it seem?

Strong winds, storms, wildlife, and many other natural sources of trouble can all wreak havoc on an antenna if you aren’t careful. If you inspect your antenna and realize that damage has been done, you’ll need to make moves to rectify the situation and protect it better in the future.

Those with an outside antenna might consider moving to an indoors one, for example.

Repair a TV Antenna

Taking care of your television antenna is just one of those home maintenance tasks that you can’t get around. This is what you have to do to keep your home running smoothly.

If you have come to the conclusion that your antenna needs repair, it’s likely not something you can do on your own. It might be worth trying a few simple DIY tricks, just in case.

You’ll of course want to make sure the settings on your television are correct and that it isn’t your system downstairs that is the source of the problem. The same goes for all the cables and cords connecting your system. Don’t make the mistake of calling something an antenna issue if it actually isn’t.

Make sure your amplifier is receiving power and seems in good shape, as that is what will likely be controlling the strength of the signal that your television receives.

If you’ve looked through all these areas and still can’t discover an issue, it will be time to look for more professional help. You’re likely thinking: where can I find TV antenna repair near me?

Even if you live in a remote area, there are likely professionals nearby that would be happy to come to take a look at your antenna and rectify the situation.

Dealing With Bad Reception

There’s nothing more irritating than attempting to watch television in your home and struggling with bad reception.

Reception problems can rear their heads in different ways and the above information can help you understand what signs of trouble to look out for. You might be able to rectify the situation on your own or you might need to call professionals for some help.

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