How to Reset My Amazon Account

Marketing products on Amazon is an effective way to sell your items quickly. Millions of customers have the opportunity to see your items, and you don’t have to pay anything unless you sell. Once this happens, you have the responsibility to process and ship the order and handle the payment. Every now and then, a seller will run into some issues that cause Amazon suspended my account or locked their account. If this happens to you, you can appeal the suspension and request reinstatement.

Step 1

Read the notification from Amazon to find out why your account was suspended or blocked. The main reasons for an Amazon account to be suspended are poor performance, a violation of sales policies, and / or a violation of the rules on prohibited and restricted products.

Step 2

Examine your order defect rate, cancellation rate, and late shipping rate. These are called your “customer metrics.” Determine which ones don’t meet the performance targets found on the Amazon website. Also review the items you sell to determine if any violate Amazon policies and agreements.

Step 3

Set up an action plan to address problems with your account and offer solutions. If you have a large number of customers leaving negative feedback, your action plan should include a set time to respond to each customer and try to resolve the problem. If you are submitting articles late, your plan may include an outline of a new process that will help you submit articles faster. If you have a high rate of canceled orders before they are fulfilled, it is possible to create a plan that offers a way to ensure that you do not publish articles that you cannot ship immediately.

Step 4

Log into your Amazon account. Go to the “Customer Metrics” section of your account and select the “Notification” page.

Step 5

Find the suspension notice and click on “Appeal Decision.” Include your reinstatement application and action plan and submit the application.

Step 6

Check your email to find out what Amazon decided. Normally the company responds to reinstatement requests within 48 hours.

Why has Amazon Blocked my Account?

Amazon, like other trading platforms such as eBay or Aliexpress, has security methods that block access to certain accounts in case of detecting suspicious activity. Some of the reasons why Amazon blocks an account are:

  • Use multiple delivery addresses for shipments: if you have a personal and private account, the use and enjoyment of it is limited to that of the owner, which is why we will not be able to use multiple shipping addresses.
  • Buy products very often: by default, Amazon blocks access to all those accounts that make purchases very often to prevent the purchase of products in case of account or bank card theft.
  • Wrong card or bank account information: if we have wrongly entered our bank account or credit card number, Amazon may block access to the account for the same reasons as the previous case.

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