Do you want to buy followers on Instagram? This is what happens when you do

There are many bots that people use to attract other users (hopefully real users), to make themselves look more legitimate. 

Also, Instagram tends to suggest important names to new users on the platform, since it still doesn’t know much about the preferences of each of them.

We know the hard work needed in getting real IG followers, and we also know why shortcuts can be tempting.

So, we tested this particular shortcut ourselves. In this shortcut experiment I bought Instagram followers for my friend.

To get 1000 followers I used two different services. Although Instagram has taken pretty drastic steps to uncover fake practices. Still, it is not difficult to buy followers.

Let me guide you through the whole experiment

maturely How to buy followers on Instagram Tehuacán 1. Try to find a reliable supplier buy prednisone 5mg

Now it is more difficult to buy Instagram followers so, you need a reliable supplier or platform to buy followers. Like I recently buy instagram followers from and found some awesome results.

Why? In 2018, Instagram started cracking down on practices against its terms of service.

As a result, brands started to worry about their billions of followers they are going to lose as a result of having fake IG followers. 

So they’ve been demanding more credibility from influencers.

2. Buy Fake Followers through large volumes or a “drip” system

You can pay Instagram auditors to uncover fake accounts and get followers with a less suspicious growth rate.

3. Enter your Instagram username

Instagram eradicated third-party apps, the process for buying followers is more straightforward. You don’t need to download an app and enter all your account data.

What happened when I bought followers on Instagram

You won’t believe within an hour, my fake followers started to fall. So after some seconds of excitement I face sudden fall due to fake followers.

4 reasons not to buy followers on Instagram

1. Fake followers don’t interact

I didn’t receive any likes or comments, despite having thousands of new followers.

It makes sense as fake followers can’t increase engagement. These companies charge separately for that.

2. Fake followers are obviously fake

There are some trustable platforms where you can buy Instagram followers

Followers after my experiment were so fake that anyone can judge that my followers are fake.

List of new followers have strange names typed in randomly (lots of nonsensical numbers and letters). They only have a few posts, with random photos.

Here my question would be will you prefer an increase in the number of followers or preserve your dignity?

3. Instagram could suspend your account

Instagram has a great interest in making its platform a place where people want to spend their time.

IG regularly removes fake accounts, which in results will remove your followers at any time.

What to do instead of buying followers on Instagram

You can find much better ways to increase followers and engagement on Instagram to get real benefits in the long term.

  1. Show people something new and real
  2. Stay updated
  3. Put your business in order
  4. A / B test some of your ads
  5. Get to know your followers, and go find them

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